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Schoolyard teachers will be available to help with field work July 7-14

The very successful GCE-LTER Schoolyard Program will be held during the week of July 7-14, 2018. There will be 15 enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hard working teachers to assist scientists and grad students with any project work that needs to be done in the field or labs on Sapelo Island. The focus of this program is for K-12 educators to be immersed in field ecology, gaining experience and understanding of science processes by participating in hands-on research activities in the field. This, in turn, will enable them to create lessons to take back to their classrooms based on real research data and experience.

Please contact Alyssa Peterson if you are interested in working with a teacher in July!

(Contact Alyssa Peterson for additional information)

submitted May 10, 2018


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