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Data Release

Provisional CTD data online through February 2017

Provisional CTD data from the GCE Mini-Cruises are now processed and online.  These data also include CTD profiles taken around the time of Hurricane Matthew (October 2016). https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/app/ctd_data.asp

Note that the SeaBird CTD malfunctioned in May 2016, so no CTD profile data were collected for that month.  The June through August surveys were sampled using the Castaway handheld CTD profiler while the SeaBird was getting repaired.  

Also, the October Mini-Cruise data was lost.  We have data from October in the Hurricane Matthew casts, but not from our normal monthly stations. 

(Contact Adam Sapp for additional information)

submitted Mar 14, 2017


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