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Setting up the high marsh experiment

This past week Steve, Dontrece, Tim, Jacob and Andy Penniman made great progress setting up the high marsh experiment. We trenched in front of all the plots, and installed plastic barriers in 4 of five plots where we're trying to divert ground water into adjacent plots. The rest of the work should be done this week (we ran out of plastic). We'll know within a couple weeks (or after the first heavy rain) if the barriers are working as hoped.

Jacob and Steve trenching. Photo by Andy Penniman

Installing plastic barrier. Photo by Andy Penniman

Plot with barrier. Photo by Andy Penniman

Control plot with trenching and wood but no plastic. Photo Andy Penniman

The UGAMI trencher was hard for Jacob to manage, so we got some help from DNR. Photo Andy Penniman

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Mar 20, 2017


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