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New Joint Genomic Institute award will support microbial gene sequencing from SALTEx treatment plots

The US Department of Energy Joint Genomic Institute (JGI) has awarded support for the proposal "Microbial activity and community composition in a tidal freshwater marsh in response to sea level rise and saltwater intrusion." JGI will provide sequencing of DNA and RNA from the SALTEx (Seawater Addition Long Term Experiment) treatment plots to assess how microbial communities will respond to sea level rise, including submergence and saltwater intrusion. The Wetlands Lab gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Sarah Widney (Indiana University) who drafted the proposal and Mary Ann Moran (University of Georgia) who made thoughtful suggestions and edits that enabled us to "clear the bar" on our third (and final) attempt.

(Contact Chris Craft for additional information)

submitted May 07, 2017


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