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The Creighton summer crew (Sarah Anderson, Nic Nealy, and John Schalles) at Sapelo Island for 10 weeks

The Creighton University summer crew arrived on June 8 for 10 weeks of geospatial-based coastal research and data analysis. Sarah Anderson (B.S. Environmental Economics from University of Georgia, May 2017) and Nic Nealy (B.S. Biology and B.A. Medical Anthropology from Creighton, May, 2017) are employed as NOAA Enivornmental Cooperative Science Center summer technicians. They are assisting John Schalles in expanding the recent O'Donnell and Schalles (2016, doi:10.3390/rs8060477) Landsat imagery analysis with updated spatial (~ 620 km2 from Saint Simons Sound to the Savannah River) and temporal (addition of Landsat 8 OLI imagery to the present) data to better understand long-term declines in Spartina alterniflora above-ground biomass. The project is utilizing the new, large-scale Georgia coastal habitat mapping product from Christine Hladik (Georgia Southern University). In addition, the Creighton crew is continuing high resolution mapping of tidal creek water variables using their EXO2 sonde, precision GPS, and Surfer (V14) mapping software. Sarah will begin an M.S. degree program in Environmental Economics this fall at UGA. Nic is considering "next steps" and employment after this summer.

Creighton Summer Crew - Sarah, John, & Nic

(Contact John Schalles for additional information)

submitted Jun 19, 2017


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