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Monitoring Program

Field crew collects monthly Spartina data near flux tower.

Each month the field crew collects monthly data on Spartina stem density, stem height, chlorophyll content, and above:belowground biomass ratio in creekbank, medium Spartina and short Spartina zones near the flux tower. These data help us understand the phenology of Spartina, provide a check on phenology data generated by remote sensing and the phenocam, help calibrate and test the Spartina model, and help us interpret the data coming from the flux tower. 

Alyssa and Zach sampling stems in the short Spartina zone. Photo Steve Pennings
Dontrece collecting a chlorophyll estimate with the chlorophyll meter. Photo Steve Pennings
Cutting the core into shallow and deep sections. Photo Steven Pennings
One of the permanent creekbank plots. Photo Steven Pennings

Dontrece collecting core sample. Photo Steven Pennings

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Jun 30, 2017


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