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GCE LTER technicians dominate the field at annual Sapelo Island fourth of July 5K run

GCE LTER technicians once again dominated the field at the 12th (?) annual Sapelo Island fourth of July 5K run. Alyssa took first place overall, with Dontrece coming in second, both finishing the course in less than 22 minutes. Witnesses said that they "obliterated" the remaining field, which consisted of around 28 runners. We congratulate them both for bringing glory to the LTER and showing that hard work in the marsh is the key to all-around physical fitness. Jacob and Zach, for unknown reasons, did not compete. Members of the Angelini lab and Schalles lab, although not equaling the performance of the GCE techs, finished the course with respectable times and excellent attitudes. The Angelini lab, needing more exercise and data, then headed out into the marsh to do field work. Island manager Fred Hay finished first in the "over 40 men" age group.  GCE co-PI Steve Pennings (over 40 with sore leg category), his dog Torrey (medium dog category), his long-suffering assistant Huy Vu and his dog Vincent (large dog category) were all disqualified from the 2K walk for failing to complete the course and we hope that they will do better next year.

Our champions Dontrece (left) and Alyssa (right). Photo Steve Pennings

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Jul 04, 2017


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