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GCE-LTER Schoolyard 2017

A group of 13 enthusiastic teachers have gathered at UGAMI once again to spend a week assisting Scientists and Graduate Students in the field. The 13 teachers, including 2 from Tennessee, have been deeply immersed in the field work for the various projects supporting the mission and goals of the GCE-LTER. It is a great testimony to the Schoolyard program that both teachers and scientists arrange their summer to return to the island to work on their projects during this particular time. This year we have 3 returning teachers acting as mentors for the newbies. The Alber, Schalles, Pennings, and Craft teams are back and going strong. Some of the projects involve water quality, plant monitoring, sea turtle patrol, spider population studies, and, of course, some aspect of SALTEX. Teachers are experiencing many different stages of the processes of science with intentions of reflecting the same in their own teaching settings. It is certainly not always fun and games, but the groups that gather each year make the most of the experiences and always go away with great stories to tell, a smile and the hope of returning.

Schoolyard 2017 participants

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submitted Jul 13, 2017


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