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Fudan University faculty visit UGAMI

Several faculty from Fudan University (one of the most prestigious universities in China) visited UGAMI in October on a tour led by Brian Silliman's postdoc Qiang He. Although their visit was limited due to the effects of hurricane Irma, they were happy to see our famous salt marshes and marine institute. From left to right: Ming Nie (Professor at Fudan), Jihua Wu (Associate Dean of the the School of Life Sciences at Fudan), Xiao Li (visiting PhD student at Michigan State), Bo Li (head of Ecology faculty at Fudan), Meng Lu (postdoc at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center). Bo Li has worked extensively on invasive species (including Spartina alterniflora) in China.

Fudan University scientists at Sapelo

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submitted Oct 23, 2017


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