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Meet Dr. Andy Penniman

As many of you know, part of the GCE’s core monitoring effort involves an annual survey of the inverts at the core GCE sites.  This survey results in the collection of thousands of snails and mussels.  Each year these organisms are identified to species, measured for length, enumerated, and then preserved in alcohol for long-term storage.   Andy has been volunteering to come down to Sapelo almost monthly and work for days at a time on processing these samples over the last two years.  He has spent countless hours rinsing the field samples and looking through a microscope to measure the inverts.  

In addition to the fall monitoring processing, he has volunteered to assist on numerous field sampling campaigns.  Whether he measuring plants, keeping the field notes, photographing the work, or something else, he is always dependable and eager to assist.  He even finds time to study the spiders of the coast when he is down. 

If you run into Andy the next time you are on Sapelo, be sure to say hello!  Thanks Andy for all of your hard work!

Andy pic

(Contact Jacob Shalack for additional information)

submitted Mar 01, 2018


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