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The GCE drone is coming

GCE has been planning on buying a drone for a few years, and we really mean it now. The GCE IV proposal has a lot of research promised that requires a drone, and the technology of drones continues to improve. This year it seems that almost everyone has a drone. Steve wanted to get some aerial video and photographs, and also wanted to improve his personal understanding of drone operations, so UH employee Christian Ramos kindly came to Sapelo for a couple days with his inspire drone. At UH, Christian flies the drone to inspect building roofs, and this approach has saved a lot of money compared to in-person inspections, because the roofs of university buildings were not always designed to be accessibe or safe. At Sapelo, Christian flew over several GCE experiments and field sites, adding to our library of visual materials. Steve found this perspective to be a revelation--the world really does look different from 150 feet up. You see things that you can't see in person or in google earth.

Discussions are continuing about which drone the GCE should buy, but we're making progress and hopefully will have something in hand by the new year. 

Christian Ramos with DJI Inspire drone

A headward-eroding creek with abundant Sesarma crabs in Dean Creek watershed

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Jul 30, 2018


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