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Sapelo deer hunting information

The quota hunt lottery system will open on-line this weekend (6/1) and the dates for the upcoming 2019-2020 season are posted.  Not all dates will be shown in this message, just the ones that most-impact our activities on Sapelo.

Open Archery (Deer)

  • 9/14/19-1/12/20  (with interruptions for quota hunts. South end public lands open on 12/15/19).

Quota Hunts (Deer)              

  • 10/11/19-10/13/19 Youth Firearm Hunt
  • 10/24/19-10/26/19  Primitive Weapon Hunt
  • 11/7/19-11/9/19  Firearm Hunt
  • 11/21/19-11/23/19  Firearm Hunt
  • 12/12/19-12/14/19  Archery Hunt (south end)

**Remember that the day before each quota hunt the ferry is prioritized for hunters on the 0830 run.  No group tours or large groups are booked on these runs.  Also, during firearm hunts the wearing of safety orange is required for all hunters and is highly recommended for those whose activities on the WMA have been cleared through the WMA office.  We’ll make sure to send out notes regarding these dates as the season approaches.

If you have any questions about the upcoming season or about WMA hunts in general, please call Blaine Tyler at 912.506.8372 or the Long Tabby Office 912.485.2251.

Thank you,


Fred Hay, Jr. Sapelo Island Manager

(Contact Fred Hay for additional information)

submitted May 30, 2019


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