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UGAMI Summer Seminar Series Kickoff Tuesday June 4th

Please join us at the UGAMI Summer Seminar Series Kickoff tomorrow evening - Tuesday, June 4th at 6:30 pm. We’ll being with potluck dinner followed by a talk from John Schalles: "The Early Days at UGAMI, Featuring Gene Odum and Dick Reynolds". The potluck will begin in the BIRL screened-in porch and kitchen (new dormitory). After eating we will move to the Auditorium (second floor of the main lab) for John's talk.

These weekly meetings will allow students to present their current and future work while receiving feedback in a casual setting. We will also invite some of the  scientists who are summer residents or come to UGAMI this summer for shorter durations to present a talk about their work. We will often have two presentations, typically 15-20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Presenters can use slides (prepared formally or informally), or work from the whiteboard up front, or any combination they prefer.

Tomorrow we will begin to fill time slots for the summer schedule for those interested in sharing what they are up to this summer. If you cannot not attend the kickoff talk and would like to present later in the summer, feel free to request a time slot for the coming weeks. Also, please help others become aware of this event. Hope you can join us!

Sydney Williams and John Schalles

(Contact Sydney Williams for additional information)

submitted Jun 04, 2019


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