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UGAMI bibliography updated, with reprints available online to GCE members

The UGA Marine Institute publications in the GCE Bibliography have now been updated to include the latest additions to their EndNote database. This library now includes 1080 citations from the past 60 years, reflecting both historical and ongoing research conducted at Sapelo Island.

Note that thanks to the efforts of UGAMI library staff, GCE members can download PDF reprints for most UGAMI publications directly from links in the private Bibliography web page. The private Bibliography can be accessed using the navigation link on the top of the main public Bibliography web page, or by selecting Private Site > Update Biblio > Private Bibliography. These reprints are a tremendous resource for both faculty and graduate students new to Sapelo, so please pass the word.

Links to download reprints from publisher websites are also included in the main public Bibliography when provided by the contributor.

(Contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)

submitted Jun 18, 2019


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