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GCE contributing to global NutNet plant ecology project

The GCE project is contributing to the global, distributed Nutrient Network (NutNet) this year. NutNet participants collect descriptive data about plant communities at their sites, and some go on to experimentally add nutrients as part of a global fertilization experiment. We're doing the first part, sampling wetland plant communities along the entire salinity gradient from tidal fresh to salt marsh. At each site, we collect data on plant richness, composition, biomass and nutrient composition; soil salinity and nutrient content; the amount of light intercepted by the vegetation; and a few other variables. We hope to contribute around 150 plots worth of data, equivalent to around 5 "typical" NutNet sites. Our data will become part of the NutNet database, and be used in global studies of plant community ecology. We are also anticipating that the GCE data alone will be interesting enough to support a manuscript.

We decided not to do the second part (the fertilization experiment), largely because the methods for adding fertilizer are so different in terrestrial and wetland systems.  But the NutNet group is starting a new disturbance experiment (Dragnet) and GCE will be participating in that with leadership from Christine Angelini's lab.


GCE intern Fay and undergraduate Jennifer collecting NutNet data

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Jul 15, 2019


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