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Wetlands Lab Visits Sapelo Island

The IU Wetlands Laboratory visited Sapelo Island July 8-12 2019 where they sampled porewater and measured soil redox at the SALTEx research site to better understand how the marsh is recovering from long-term salt water additions. They also visited the PredEx site where they collected soils for nitrogen and carbon analysis and deployed tea bags to measure decomposition rates. Their involvement in the PredEx experiment will allow for a better understanding of how excluding large salt marsh predators influences sediment carbon cycling.

REU student Evan Monnett taking soil redox measurements at SALTEx.

Dontrece Smith, Chris Craft, Alyssa Peterson, Bradley Gavrielides, Evan Monnett, Courtney Mobilian, and Danielle Jenkins (not pictured) celebrating the completion of their venture at PredEx.

(Contact Chris Craft for additional information)

submitted Jul 20, 2019


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