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Another year in the Schoolyard books

Last week, 14 teachers gathered on Sapelo Island for the 2019 GCE-LTER Schoolyard program. If you were involved this year, you may have noticed things were a little different. Every participant was returning to the program, and for some this was their third time attending! With so much expertise at our fingertips, this year's program focused on evaluating what has been done up to this point, and how can we expand, integrate, and finetune GCE's education and outreach offerings. We received a lot of great feedback that we are hoping to incorporate, including updated teacher resources and an update to the GCE Education Program website. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this year's program a success!

Group Photo of the 2019 Schoolyard Participants

(Contact Kristin McNair for additional information)

submitted Jul 24, 2019


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