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Provisional SALTEx well logger monitoring data available through September 2018 (full article) Data Release Nov 20, 2018
Year 6 Annual Report (full article) Announcement Nov 08, 2018
Provisional long-term sonde mooring data sets are available covering the full period of record through Sep 2018 (full article) Data Release Oct 23, 2018
Finalized data from the GCE MicroCAT sondes through 2017 are now available in the GCE Data Catalog and Data Portal (full article) Data Release Oct 19, 2018
New web forms for submitting data set metadata to the GCE IM office are now available for testing (full article) IM News Oct 17, 2018
Fall Monitoring 2018 has begun! We're off to a great start. Researchers have assembled at Sapelo from all over the world (well, US and China), and we're getting new technician Samantha (Sam) into the field. (full article) Monitoring Program Oct 13, 2018
Provisional GCE MicroCat sonde data are available through 18-Sept-2018 (full article) Data Release Sep 28, 2018
Findings from Coastal Georgia Ecosystem Services Valuation Published (full article) Coastal News Sep 21, 2018
Clark Alexander was interviewed on NPR about sea level rise impacts on coastal Georgia (full article) Announcement Sep 17, 2018
NPR story on Coastal Erosion and Archaeological Sites (full article) Coastal News Sep 11, 2018
Long-term data sets from the USGS Altamaha Doctortown gauge have been updated through August 2018 (full article) Data Release Aug 30, 2018
Plots and indices on the Long-term GCE Data page have been updated through 2017 (full article) Website Addition Aug 14, 2018
The GCE drone is coming (full article) Research News Jul 30, 2018
SALTEx Featured in LTER News (full article) LTER News Jul 27, 2018
John Schalles interviewed for "Creighton Today" (full article) Announcement Jul 26, 2018

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