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Additional fields added to the GCE Bibliography for tagging publications (full article) Website Addition Feb 20, 2019
Protocol documents can now be linked to method steps when submitting data set metadata (full article) IM News Feb 12, 2019
GCE featured in LTER's social media campaign (full article) Announcement Feb 12, 2019
GCE bibliographies can now be exported in BibTeX format for NSF reports (full article) IM News Feb 11, 2019
LTER small photo drone (full article) Announcement Feb 11, 2019
The GCE-IV project was featured in UGA Today (full article) Research News Feb 08, 2019
The GCE-IV project is officially underway! (full article) Announcement Feb 08, 2019
Now Accepting Applications for 2019 GCE Summer Internships (full article) Announcement Jan 29, 2019
SINERR YSI sonde at Marsh Landing is offline (full article) Monitoring Program Jan 18, 2019
Joan Sheldon featured in online article about climate change visualizations and fiber craft (full article) Outreach News Jan 11, 2019
Follow UGAMI on Facebook! (full article) UGAMI News Jan 11, 2019
Version 3.9.9 of the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB is now available for download (full article) Software Release Jan 10, 2019
A Webinar describing the GCE Data Toolbox is available on YouTube (full article) Outreach News Jan 09, 2019
GCE LTER 2019 Annual Meeting (full article) Meeting Dec 31, 2018
Sapelo Christmas 2018 (full article) Sapelo News Dec 26, 2018

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