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Historic NOAA Palmer Drought Index data sets and plots are now available in the GCE Data Portal (full article) Website Addition Feb 22, 2017
Data set metadata for leveraged projects now include relevant grant and PI information (full article) IM News Feb 08, 2017
Applications for the 2017 GCE summer internships are now open (full article) Announcement Feb 07, 2017
Finalized 2016 data from the Marsh Landing weather station were added to the GCE Data Catalog (full article) Data Release Jan 26, 2017
Provisional SALTEx well logger monitoring data available through January 2017 (full article) Data Release Jan 24, 2017
Recent data from MicroCAT sondes now available on GCE Private Site (full article) Data Release Jan 24, 2017
UGAMI Lab Remodel On Schedule (full article) Announcement Jan 20, 2017
GCE annual meeting 2017 (full article) Meeting Jan 09, 2017
Added historic climate data from the Malcolm McKinnon Airport near Brunswick, Georgia to the GCE Data Portal (full article) IM News Jan 03, 2017
GCE Annual Meeting (full article) Meeting Dec 20, 2016
New SINERR Research field added to bibliography update form (full article) Website Addition Dec 08, 2016
Article about GCE featured on LTER network web site (full article) Research News Dec 01, 2016
The GCE Collected Reprint Library has now been updated through October 2016 (full article) Publication News Nov 16, 2016
Year 4 Annual report (full article) Announcement Nov 11, 2016
Winter season at Sapelo (full article) Monitoring Program Oct 31, 2016

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