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Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship (full article) Announcement Jul 29, 2019
Youzheng is back! (full article) Personnel News Jul 24, 2019
Another year in the Schoolyard books (full article) Education News Jul 24, 2019
Wetlands Lab Visits Sapelo Island (full article) LTER News Jul 20, 2019
GCE contributing to global NutNet plant ecology project (full article) Research News Jul 15, 2019
Merryl Alber wins Margaret A. Davidson Award for stewardship from CERF (full article) Award Jul 11, 2019
Christine Angelini wins Cronin Award for early achievement from CERF (full article) Award Jul 11, 2019
Georgia Southern REU program visits the GCE LTER and UGAMI (full article) Outreach News Jul 01, 2019
Aging researcher finding the marsh hard going (full article) Research News Jun 30, 2019
UGAMI bibliography updated, with reprints available online to GCE members (full article) Publication News Jun 18, 2019
Provisional SALTEx well logger monitoring data available through February 2019 (full article) Data Release Jun 14, 2019
UGAMI Summer Seminar Series Kickoff Tuesday June 4th (full article) Seminar Jun 04, 2019
Sapelo deer hunting information (full article) Site Safety May 30, 2019
Georgia DNR Wildlife Division memo on beach-nesting birds (full article) Coastal News May 30, 2019
Smile, you're on Candid (Pheno) Camera! (full article) Field Program News May 29, 2019

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