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New groundwater wells at Marsh Landing (full article) Research News Jul 16, 2018
GCE Researchers Featured in Atlanta Magazine Article About Georgia's Vanishing Coast (full article) Research News Jul 12, 2018
Drop of precision in near-real-time salinity data at Hudson Creek (full article) Monitoring Program Jun 29, 2018
Provisional SALTEx well logger monitoring data are available through 23-May-2018 (full article) Data Release Jun 29, 2018
Automatic data harvesting has resumed for the SINERR sonde at Marsh Landing (full article) Monitoring Program Jun 28, 2018
The return of Wenwen (full article) Personnel News Jun 07, 2018
Introducing Taivon Watkins (full article) Personnel News Jun 05, 2018
Introducing Evvan and Will (full article) Personnel News Jun 04, 2018
John Schalles and Steve Pennings in the house (full article) Personnel News May 31, 2018
Sapelo marshes 7 months after hurricane Irma (full article) Personal Observation May 31, 2018
Sapelo beaches 7 months after hurricane Irma (full article) Personal Observation May 31, 2018
Schoolyard teachers will be available to help with field work July 7-14 (full article) Education News May 10, 2018
Elena Solohin, a PhD Student in Wetlands Lab at Indiana University, received the Indiana Space Grant Consortium and NASA 2018-19 Fellowship. (full article) Award Apr 25, 2018
The UGAMI Creek Cam is back online - again (full article) Announcement Apr 06, 2018
Sapelo ferry schedule changes for April 6-7, 2018 (full article) Sapelo News Mar 28, 2018

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