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Meet Brendan Manley (full article) Employment Jul 24, 2017
GCE-LTER Schoolyard 2017 (full article) Outreach News Jul 13, 2017
Talking trash (full article) Education News Jul 11, 2017
GCE LTER technicians dominate the field at annual Sapelo Island fourth of July 5K run (full article) Sapelo News Jul 04, 2017
Field crew collects monthly Spartina data near flux tower. (full article) Monitoring Program Jun 30, 2017
Visiting teachers help clean up legacy project infrastructure (full article) Education News Jun 28, 2017
New boat parking (full article) Announcement Jun 23, 2017
The Creighton summer crew (Sarah Anderson, Nic Nealy, and John Schalles) at Sapelo Island for 10 weeks (full article) Sapelo News Jun 19, 2017
Peterson Lab (CCU) at Sapelo (full article) Sapelo News Jun 07, 2017
Angelini UF Lab on Sapelo Island (full article) Sapelo News Jun 06, 2017
Pennings lab on Sapelo for the summer (full article) Sapelo News Jun 05, 2017
New paper by Pennings and colleagues describes provenance-by-environment interaction in reproductive traits affecting the invasion of Spartina alterniflora in China (full article) Publication News Jun 01, 2017
The Sapelo ferry schedule will be revised from Jun 8-11 for the St. Luke Anniversary (full article) Sapelo News May 30, 2017
The EDI data repository is now a DataONE Member Node! (full article) LTER News May 12, 2017
New Joint Genomic Institute award will support microbial gene sequencing from SALTEx treatment plots (full article) Award May 07, 2017

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