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GCE-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: ORG-GCED-1801 Research Theme: Organic Matter/Decomposition (Directed Study)
Contributors: Patricia M. Medeiros, Meg Babcock-Adams, Michael Seidel, Renato Castelao, Daniela Di Iorio, Tim Hollibaugh, Thorsten Dittmar
Title: Seasonal Evolution of Terrigenous Dissolved Organic Matter in the South Atlantic Bight off Georgia in 2014
Abstract: Six surveys of the central South Atlantic Bight (SAB) off of Georgia were conducted in 2014. The primary objective of the research cruises was to characterize estuary-shelf exchange and the dispersal of freshwater into the coastal ocean around Sapelo Island off the Georgia coast. The surveys, in April, May, July, August, September, and November, were intended to sample shelf conditions under different seasons. Most of the sampling stations were located at the mouth of the estu-aries around Sapelo Island and over the inner and mid-shelf (<60 km offshore). Eighty samples from transects extending across the shelf from the mouths of the Altamaha River and of Sapelo Sound were selected for the analyses of molecular composition using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry (Fourier transform ion cyclotron reso-nance mass spectrometry [FT-ICR MS]) and stable carbon iso-topic signatures (delta 13C). This data set includes spectral analysis of the DOM, including spectral slope (275-295nm wavelength), terrigenous peaks from mass spectrometry analysis, and a computed terrigenous index indicating fraction of terrigenous DOM in water samples.
DOI: 10.6073/pasta/b971b986733d0ea80477aed5c8f2e038
Key Words: carbon, Continental Shelf, cruise, dissolved organic carbon, dissolved organic matter, estuaries, isotope analysis, mass spectrometry, nutrients, organic matter, South Atlantic Bight
LTER Core Area: Organic Matter
Research Themes: Organic Matter/Decomposition
Study Period: 02-Apr-2014 to 07-Nov-2014
Study Sites:
GCE-OS -- Off-shore Transect, Georgia, USA
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Medeiros, P.M., Babcock-Adams, L., Seidel, M., Castelao, R., Di Iorio, D., Hollibaugh, J.T. and Dittmar, T. 2017. Export of terrigenous dissolved organic matter in a broad continental shelf. Limnology & Oceanography. 62:1718-1731. (DOI: 10.1002/lno.10528)

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Access: Public (released 18-Jan-2018)

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Column Name Units Type Description
1 Date YYYY-MM-DD string Calendar date of sample collection
2 Longitude degrees floating-point Geographic longitude of sampling station
3 Latitude degrees floating-point Geographic latitude of sampling station
4 Salinity PSU floating-point Salinity of the water sample
5 S275-295 1/nm floating-point Spectral slope coefficient between 275 and 295 nm estimated using a nonlinear exponential fit to the absorption coefficients in that range
6 t-Peaks_Occurrance % floating-point Percent occurrance of terrigenous peaks in the Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry signal
7 t-Peaks_Abundance % floating-point Percent abundance of terrigenous peaks in the Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometric signal
8 Iterr ratio floating-point Terrigenous index based on the ratio of the relative abundances of molecular formulae that were strongly correlated with del 13C stable isotope signatures. The ratio Iterr = Terr /(Terr + Mar), where Mar and Terr are the sum of the FT-ICR MS signal intensity of 40 molecular formulae that are strongly correlated positively and negatively with del 13 C signatures, respectively.
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Citation: Medeiros, Patricia M. 2018. Seasonal Evolution of Terrigenous Dissolved Organic Matter in the South Atlantic Bight off Georgia in 2014. Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project, University of Georgia, Long Term Ecological Research Network. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/b971b986733d0ea80477aed5c8f2e038

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