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GCE-LTER Project News

February 2019 Calendar

Predex Phone Call
date: 02/28/2019
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New or Updated Publications

02/22/2019 –
Damashek, J., Tolar, B., Liu, Q., Okotie-Oyekan, A., Wallsgrove, N.J., Popp, B.N. and Hollibaugh, J.T. 2018. Microbial oxidation of nitrogen supplied as selected organic nitrogen compounds in the South Atlantic Bight. Limnology and Oceanography. In press. (DOI: 10.1002/lno.11089)

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Latest Data Releases

11/20/2018 – Data Release

Provisional SALTEx well logger monitoring data are available on the Project Data page through September 2018. The Schlumberger logger files were corrected for atmospheric pressure and sensor elevation for calculation of water level, and salinity and density were calculated from temperature and conductivity measurements.

10/23/2018 – Data Release

Provisional long-term sonde data sets, covering the full period of record at each GCE mooring through September 2018, are now available on the private GCE website and Long-Term Data Plots web page. Both "real-time" 30 minute interval and daily summary data sets and plots are available for each station.

Finalized yearly and long-term sonde data sets through 2017 are also publicly available in the GCE Data Portal, GCE Data Catalog and LTER Data Portal.

10/19/2018 – Data Release

Finalized salinity, temperature and pressure data from GCE MicroCAT sonde moorings near sites GCE1, GCE2, GCE3, GCE6, GCE7, GCE8, GCE9, GCE10 and GCE11 (freshwater tidal forest site in the Altamaha River) are now available in the GCE Data Catalog and GCE Data Portal. In addition to the original 30-minute-interval data, daily-summarized data files are also available as additional downloads for all sonde data sets. More information about GCE moorings is available at http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/public/research/mon/sounds_creeks.htm.

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Latest File Uploads

02/08/2019 – Document (GCE only)
Panel summary and individual reviews of the GCE-IV NSF proposal (details)

02/08/2019 – Document
GCE IV renewal proposal, submitted to NSF in February 2018 (public version) (details)

01/16/2019 – Spreadsheet
GCE data-only submission form for describing tabular data files to attach to data sets submitted online (details)

12/13/2018 – Document (GCE only)
Amanda Spivak full CV from March 2018 Marine Sciences interview (details)

12/13/2018 – Document (GCE only)
Alicia Wilson 1-page CV from the GCE-IV NSF proposal (details)

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GCE Project Announcements

02/20/2019 – Website Addition

In preparation for the LTER Network 40 year review, the LTER Network Communications Office has asked sites to assemble complete bibliographies of peer-reviewed publications resulting from LTER-supported research at their site. As part of this request, they are asking us to include additional fields and key words describing items of particularly interest to NSF and the review committee (e.g. federal support, site support, student publication, cross-site research). In addition, NSF has begun to require similar fields in bibliographies uploaded to Research.gov, so this is part of a broader set of reporting requirements that we will have to meet moving forward.

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02/12/2019 – IM News

Attaching a protocol document is a useful way to streamline describing research methodology when submitting metadata for a data set, particularly for highly standardized methods, and this practice has been supported by the GCE Information System since 2016 (see article). We have now added a new field to the web-based GCE metadata submission form (described further here) to simplify associating protocol documents with method steps during entry.

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02/12/2019 – Announcement

The GCE was featured yesterday in LTER's 28 Days of Love social media campaign. With 28 days in February and 28 LTER sites, each day was dedicated to highlight one site. Take a look at the GCE posts from Monday, February 11th here

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02/11/2019 – IM News

NSF and a growing number of research coordination offices, including the LTER Network Communications Office, have begun to standardize on the BibTeX format for exchanging bibliographic information in place of proprietary products like EndNote. We added basic BibTeX support to the private GCE Bibliography several years ago to support NSF Fastlane reporting, but we have now enhanced our implemenation to include additional reference types and fields NSF requests (federal_support, status and peer_reviewed) and enabled export from the public GCE Bibliography as well.

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02/11/2019 – Announcement

Hello All,

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02/08/2019 – Research News

The recently renewed GCE-IV project was featured in UGA Today this week in the article "Marine Institute renews long-term ecological research grant" by Michael Terrazas.

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