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GCE-LTER Project News

October 2017 Calendar

Fall Monitoring
dates: 10/13/2017 to 10/20/2017
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Latest Publications/Presentations

10/16/2017 –
Widney, S., Stahl, M. and Craft, C.B. 2017. Presentation: Tidal forests: sentinels for climate change. Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting, June 8, 2017, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
10/16/2017 –
Smith, D., Herbert, E., Li, F., Widney, S., Desha, J., Schubauer-Berigan, J.P., Pennings, S.C., Angelini, C., Medeiros, P.M., Byers, J., Alber, M. and Craft, C.B. 2016. Poster: Seawater Addition Long Term Experiment (SALTEx). Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division 2016 Climate Conference, November 2-3, 2016, Jekyll Island, GA.
10/16/2017 –
Widney, S., Smith, D., Schubauer-Berigan, J.P., Herbert, E., Desha, J. and Craft, C.B. 2017. Poster: Changes in sediment porewater chemistry in response to simulated seawater intrusion in tidal freshwater marshes, Altamaha River, GA. Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting, June 5-8, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Latest Data Releases

09/25/2017 – Data Release

Data from the Schlumberger groundwater well loggers deployed at the SALTEx research site have now been updated through 04-Aug-2017. Two loggers are deployed in the SALTEx well measuring water pressure, salinity and temperature - one deployed at the well bottom and one near the surface. The well pressure data are corrected for atmospheric pressure and converted to water level in meters relative to NAVD88 based on RTK-GPS elevation of the logger and well metrics. Provisional data and plots are available on the private GCE website here, and finalized data sets will be added to the GCE Data Catalog in the coming months.

09/22/2017 – Data Release

Two new Duplin River Radon activity data sets were added to the GCE Data Catalog by Rick Peterson, including results from ongoing Radon monitoring studies conducted from 2012-2016 ("Radon Activities in the Duplin River near Sapelo Island, Georgia") and a 2016 transect survey ("Radon Surveys in the Duplin River near Sapelo Island, Georgia from July 2016").

08/14/2017 – Data Release

The data set GEL-GCET-1216 (Effects of Small-scale Armoring and Residential Development on the Salt Marsh/Upland Ecotone in Coastal Georgia, USA) by Alyssa Gehman et al. was added to the GCE Data Catalog. This data set includes results from extensive shoreline armoring surveys conducted in June-July 2013 as part of Alyssa's PhD research.

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Latest File Uploads

08/22/2017 – Document
Flux Tower Monthly Vegetation Monitoring Protocol (details)

08/08/2017 – Document
Flux Tower Vegetation Chlorophyll Sampling Protocol (details)

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GCE Project Announcements

10/14/2017 – Monitoring Program

Fall monitoring 2017 is underway. The marine institute may look like a pig that someone shot and disemboweled without bothering to hang it up from a tree, and the staff may be wandering around with post-traumatic stress disorder, and even Jacob Shalack's legendary good humor may be cracking. But nothing stops the fall monitoring! On October 13 and 14 Steve, Jacob, Wenwen and Andy kicked it off, sampling up the Altamaha River and at sites 1 and 4. On Monday the fall monitoring will ramp up to around 8 people in two boats, with Merryl on hand to provide proper leadership. Thanks to the hurricane we can't find most of our gear and we're washing up in someone else's house, but we're doing our best. And the results will be of special interest since we're seeing the effects of two hurricane years in a row. Stay tuned for exciting results!

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
09/24/2017 – Monitoring Program

Tropical Storm Irma may not have hit Sapelo Island directly, but the strong sustained northeasterly winds with gusts to 70mph hit the island near spring tide, piling up water in the sounds and resulting in water levels 0.5-1m above those during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Many UGAMI buildings and field sites experienced significant flooding for the first time in many decades, and the dunes at Nannygoat beach were decimated (see the dramatic YouTube video by Rachel Guy at SINERR, and GCE flux tower damage observed by the field crew).

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(contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)
09/22/2017 – Research News

The GCE flux tower sustained some damage from Irma. Boardwalks were damaged, solar panels knocked over and submerged, some of the lower electronics were submerged, batteries were submerged and discharged, and the rain gauge damaged. Some of the instruments may still be functioning, but the tower needs a complete overhaul in order to resume full operations.

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
08/23/2017 – Announcement

From September 2016 to June 2017, NOAA conducted a needs assessment to identify how the synthesis and analysis of NERR System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) data can better address priority coastal and estuarine management questions at national, regional, and local levels. The results of the needs assessment are intended to help NOAA and the reserve system guide investments in research, education products, and training activities for coastal decision-makers and demonstrate the value of investing in long-term monitoring efforts such as SWMP.

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(contact Doug Samson for additional information)
07/24/2017 – Employment

Brendan Manley is the newest addition to the GCE field crew.  He finished with a MS in Environmental Studies at UNC Wilmington in December.  He has been gaining field experience working with the North Carolina Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve.   Brendan is also currently in the United States Air Force Reserves after spending 10 years in the United States Air Force.  Please make sure you say hello to Brendan the next time you are on Sapelo.  

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(contact Jacob Shalack for additional information)

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