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GCE-LTER Project News

February 2017 Calendar

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Latest Publications/Presentations

02/09/2017 –
Whitby, H. 2016. Identifying the factors affecting copper speciation in estuarine, coastal and open ocean waters. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Liverpool, School of Environmental Sciences, Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences, Liverpool, England. 181 pages.
01/17/2017 –
Sharp, S. and Angelini, C. 2016. Whether disturbances alter salt marsh soil structure dramaticallyaffects Spartina alterniflora recolonization rate. Ecosphere. 7(11):16. (DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.1540)

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Latest Data Releases

01/26/2017 – Data Release

Finalized 2016 data from the SINERR/GCE weather station at Marsh Landing on Sapelo Island were added to the GCE Data Catalog (MET-GCEM-1701). A cumulative data set covering the period 2003-2016, with tables containing both original 15-minute observations and summarized daily statistics, was also added to the catalog (MET-GCES-1701) and will be updated annually.

01/24/2017 – Data Release

Provisional SALTEx well logger monitoring data are available on the Project Data page through January 2017. The Schlumberger logger files were corrected for atmospheric pressure and sensor elevation for calculation of water level, and salinity and density were calculated from temperature and conductivity measurements.

01/24/2017 – Data Release

Provisional data from the GCE MicroCAT sonde moorings had been updated to include data through mid-December 2016.  The data is available on the private site here: https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/app/sonde_data.asp

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Latest File Uploads

02/20/2017 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Sampling log for the January 2017 GCE monitoring cruise (19 January, 2017) (details)

02/20/2017 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Sampling log for the December 2016 GCE monitoring cruise (06 December, 2016) (details)

02/20/2017 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Sampling log for the November 2016 GCE monitoring cruise (14-16 November, 2016) (details)

02/20/2017 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Sampling log for the September 2016 GCE monitoring cruise (20 September, 2016) (details)

02/20/2017 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Sampling log for the August 2016 GCE monitoring cruise (22-24 August, 2016) (details)

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GCE Project Announcements

02/22/2017 – Website Addition

Historic NOAA Palmer Drought Index data sets and plots for Georgia Division 9 (coastal counties; see map) are now available in the GCE Data Portal. These indices are useful for characterizing the timing and severity of drought events in the long-term climate record. The data were downloaded from NOAA and converted into tabular data sets with decoded state and date columns to simplify filtering, plotting and analysis.

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(contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)
02/08/2017 – IM News

Funding agencies and journal publishers are increasingly requiring that researchers deposit data and metadata in a national data repository and provide a DOI prior to submitting their final report or manuscript. Registering data in the GCE Data Catalog meets these requirements because the data and metadata are synchronized to the LTER Data Portal with replication to DataONE, providing both persistent archiving and a suitable DOI.

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(contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)
02/07/2017 – Announcement

Applications for the 2017 GCE summer internships are now open.  Internship descriptions and a link to the online application can be found at http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/public/employment/summer_internships_2017.asp

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(contact Adam Sapp for additional information)
01/20/2017 – Announcement

The main lab remodeling project is proceeding well.  Contractors are currently installing the walls, plumbing, and electrical boxes.  They have also been reinforcing the roof of the electrical shop in preparation for the placement of the new HVAC units.  The renovation will create four general laboratories and a large teaching lab.  One of the general laboratories will become the new GCE LTER field lab.  The field crew is certainly looking forward to the additional space!

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(contact Jacob Shalack for additional information)
01/09/2017 – Meeting

The GCE LTER held its annual meeting January 4 and 5 in Athens GA. We heard a lot of updates about ongoing activities, and many of the subgroups in the project had useful breakout meetings. We will be writing the new grant proposal over the coming year, so stay tuned for important project emails and meetings. 

(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
01/03/2017 – IM News

Long-term climate data sets from the Malcolm McKinnon Airport near Brunswick, Georgia, are now included in the GCE Data Portal, covering the period August 1948-present. A recent analysis of longer-term climate data from the primary Brunswick weather station from 1895-present by Joan Sheldon indicated problems using those data for regional climate analyses so McKinnon was identified as a suitable alternate station.

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