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GCE-LTER Project News

July 2016 Calendar

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Latest Data Releases

07/27/2016 – Data Release

Posted provisional salinity, temperature and depth data from 9 GCE MicroCAT sonde deployments on the private web site. These data complete the 2015 data records, and cover 01-Jan-2016 to 24-Mar-2016. Data from the new sonde at GCE 11 is also now availible, covering the period from 7-Oct-2014 to 24-Mar-2016.

Note that provisional data files from 2014 and earlier were removed from the provisional data page because those data sets were finalized and added to the GCE Data Catalog and GCE Data Portal. However, the raw and processed sonde data files from those earlier deployments are still available in the raw file archive.

12/18/2015 – Data Release

CTD profile data for the August through November 2015 monthly monitoring cruise are now processed, and provisional data sets and plots are available on the private GCE web site.

August:  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/ctd/provisional/2015/August/data/

September:   https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/ctd/provisional/2015/September/data/

October:  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/ctd/provisional/2015/October/data/

November:  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/ctd/provisional/2015/November/data/

07/24/2015 – Data Release

CTD profile data for the July 2015 monthly monitoring cruise are now processed, and provisional data sets and plots are available on the private GCE web site.

July:  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/ctd/provisional/2015/July/data/

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Latest File Uploads

07/29/2016 – Photograph
Uca pugnax photograph (details)

07/29/2016 – Photograph
Mermiria intertexta photograph (details)

07/29/2016 – Photograph
Crassostrea virginica photograph (details)

07/29/2016 – Photograph
Crassostrea virginica photograph (details)

07/29/2016 – Photograph
Littoraria irrorata photograph (details)

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GCE Project Announcements

07/29/2016 – Personnel News

Lucas has been a huge asset to have this summer to the LTER program, especially the field work. He has aided in most LTER projects, including the cruise, regular sonde maintence,  and the upland project, just to name a few. He likely holds one of the best field stories of the season that speaks volumes about his dedication. Dontrece and Lucas went to help Claudia Venherm, from Skidaway, with coring samples in creek bottoms. We all know how muddy that can get.... After sinking to his waist in mud and losing his boots in the mud, he carried 3 cores, each weighing roughly 40lbs, back to the van, which was roughly 3/4 of a mile away. Keep in mind this was done without boots!! He was only wearing his socks!! He's an example to us all, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
07/28/2016 – Monitoring Program

The meteorological instrument package on the USGS/SINERR/GCE monitoring station at Hudson Creek/Meridian Landing (ferry dock) was damaged during a storm on July 16, 2016, and cannot be repaired. USGS technicians are planning to replace the equipment during the week of August 8. The hydrographic sensors on the YSI sonde are still functional and reporting data normally, though.

(contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)
07/20/2016 – Education News

Twelve teachers from Georgia, one from Michigan, and numerous scientists have completed a very successful week of field work at UGAMI. Five of the teachers had previously attended the schoolyard and the rest were new to the program. All have intentions of applying to return again. Connections have been made, projects moved  forward, understanding of science processes and Georgia’s coastal ecosystems has increased, and lasting relationships have been established as the teachers return to their home teaching sites in preparation for another school year. A huge thank you goes out to the teachers, scientists, MECA staff, UGAMI staff, and everyone else who had a hand in making this workshop happen.

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
07/19/2016 – Education News

As part of the GCE LTER Schoolyard, teachers joined the Indiana Wetlands Lab team for two days of work at SALTEx to make measurements of soil surface elevation and redox potential.  The teachers also spent two days assisting with the National Science Foundation - funded study of sediment supply and tidal marsh vulnerability to sea level rise. Here they collected samples of above- and belowground biomass from salt marshes of the Altamaha River. The Indiana team took the teachers on a side excursion to the long-term fertilization study (site 9) and to the tidal forest (site 11). The teachers were especially excited to help with the biomass sorting in the air conditioned lab at UGAMI.

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(contact Elena Solohin for additional information)
07/18/2016 – Graduate Defense

GCE graduate student Jared Mcknight successfully defended his MS thesis titled "A modelling study of horizontal transport and residence time in the Duplin River estuary, Sapelo Island GA." His work provides new insights on the dynamical movement of water in this unique system. Congratulations, Jared.

Jared McKnight

(contact Daniela Di Iorio for additional information)
07/12/2016 – Education News

The GCE LTER Schoolyard 2016 cadre is off to a great start with 12 excited teachers from all around Georgia and as far away as Michigan. They are assisting with field and lab work of the scientists on multiple projects including SALTEX, plant monitoring, freshwater discharge into the Duplin, eroding creeks, the FLUX Tower, benthic algae surveys, biomass sorting to support remote sensing projects, and more.

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

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