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Jeffrey Beauvais, Ph.D. Student in Integrative Conservation

Jeffrey Beauvais

Research Emphasis:

ICON student interested in the impacts of coastal development on the ecological processes and integrity of salt marshes. He is also interested in understanding how social vulnerability might facilitate coastal development, and how this process feeds back to affect local communities.

GCE Committees:

GCE Predator Exclusion Experiment Committee

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  University of Georgia

Mailing Address:

Jeffrey Beauvais
Odum School of Ecology
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602

E-Mail:  beauvais@uga.edu

Web Page:  http://jebyers.ecology.uga.edu/index.php/students/

GCE Data Sets:

INV-GCED-1406 (Effect of salt water intrusion on the distribution of invertebrates in a GA tidal freshwater marshes from the GCE Seawater Addition Long-Term Experiment (SALTEx) project.)


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