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John Schalles, Professor, Director of the Environmental Science Program

John Schalles

Research Emphasis:

Ecological Remote Sensing, Marine Ecology, General Limnology, Wetland and Lake Littoral Ecosystems

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  Creighton University

Mailing Address:

Dr. John F. Schalles
Department of Biology
Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska 68178-0103

Office Phone:  (402) 280-2811

Other Phone:  (402) 981-3901

FAX Number:  (402) 280-5595

E-Mail:  JohnSchalles@creighton.edu

Web Page:  http://biology.creighton.edu/faculty/schalles/

GCE Data Sets:

GIS-GCES-1401f (2006 AISA hyperspectral imagery of the GCE domain for vegetation)

GIS-GCES-1401e (2006 AISA hyperspectral imagery of the GCE domain for water)

GIS-GCES-1401g (Maximum likelihood classification of 2006 AISA hyperspectral imagery of the GCE domain for vegetation)

GIS-GCES-1401h (NDVI images derived from the 2006 AISA hyperspectral imagery of the GCE domain for vegetation)

MLT-GCED-0811 (Vegetation and invertebrate communities in 500 plots in the Duplin and Dean Creek watersheds: ground truth data for matching hyperspectral imagery)

GCE Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

Hladik, C.M., Schalles, J.F. and Alber, M. 2013. Salt marsh elevation and habitat mapping using hyperspectral and LIDAR data. Remote Sensing of the Environment. 139:318 - 330.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M., Lynes, A.R. and Pennings, S.C. 2013. Landscape estimates of habitat types, plant biomass, and invertebrate densities in a Georgia salt marsh. Special Issue: Coastal Long Term Ecological Research. Oceanography. 26:88-97. (DOI: 10.5670/oceanog.2013.50)

Schalles, J.F. and Hladik, C.M. 2012. Mapping phytoplankton chlorophyll in turbid, Case 2 estuarine and coastal waters. Special Issue: VIS-NIR Spectroscopy in Plant Sciences. Israel Journal of Plant Science. 60(1-2):169-192. (DOI: 10.1560/IJPS.60.1-2.169)

Bhatti, A., Rundquist, D., Schalles, J.F., Ramirez, L. and Nasu, S. 2009. A comparision between above-water surface and subsurface spectral reflectances collected over inland waters. GeoCarto International. 24(2):133-141. (DOI: 10.1080/10106040802460707)

Zhou, J., Gilerson, A., Ioannou, S., Schalles, J.F., Gross, B., Moshary, F. and Ahmed, S. 2008. Retrieving quantum yield of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence near surface from hyperspectral in-situ measurement in productive water. Optics Express. 16(22):17468 - 17483. (DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1364/OE.16.017468)

Alberts, J.J., Takacs, M. and Schalles, J.F. 2004. Ultraviolet-Visible and Fluorescence Spectral Evidence of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Changes along an Estuarine Salinity Gradient. Estuaries. 27(2):296-310. (DOI: 10.1007/BF02803386)

Books and Book Sections

Schalles, J.F. 2006. Optical remote sensing techniques to estimate phytoplankton chlorophyll a concentrations in coastal waters with varying suspended matter and CDOM concentrations. Pages 27 - 79 in: Richardson, L. and Ledrew, E. (editors). Remote Sensing of Aquatic Coastal Ecosystem Processes: Science and Management Applications. Springer, Netherlands. (DOI: ISBN-10 1402039670)

Conference Posters and Presentations

Schalles, J.F., O'Donnell, J. and Olley, J. 2014. Poster: Remote sensing and geospatial analysis of material gradients and fronts within the Inner Shelf of the Central South Atlantic Bight. 42. Optical Remote Sensing of Freshwater, Estuarine, and Coastal Environments: Water Quality and Other Applications. Ocean Sciences Meeting, February, 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cherrier, J., Kelly, B., Abazinge, M., Jagoe, C., Callender, R., Schalles, J.F. and Tunnell, W. 2013. Presentation: Promoting a balance between societal demands and coastal ecosystem sustainability. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February, 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gilson, G.F., Schalles, J.F. and O'Donnell, J. 2013. Poster: Quantifying spatial variability of microbenthic algae using optical reflectance measurements. SCI-068P Estuarine Shallows : Biophysical Interactions. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Biennial Meeting, November, 2012, San Diego, CA.

Schalles, J.F., Alberts, J.J., Takacs, M. and Fichot, C. 2013. Presentation: Sources and dynamics of dissolved organic carbon outwelling on the Georgia coast into the South Atlantic Bight: Research and Student Training. ASLO 2013 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Feburary, 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Schalles, J.F., Carpenter, E.J., Hart, A.C., Altrichter, A.E. and Vichienwanitchkul, P. 2013. Presentation: Invasive mangroves in Texas: Surveys and high resolution imagery to map distribution, canopy height and cover, and response to a severe freeze. SCI 072 - Mangrove Expansion into Salt Marsh Habitats: Causes and Consequences. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Biennial Meeting, November, 2012, San Diego, CA.

Olley, J., O'Donnell, J. and Schalles, J.F. 2012. Presentation: Boat-borne remote sensing and HPLC analysis of coastal phytoplankton populations along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Biological oceanography - aquatic biology. TOS/ASLO/AGU 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, February 20 - 24, 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Schalles, J.F. and Gilerson, A. 2012. Presentation: Assessment and mapping phytoplankton chlorophyll patterns in inland and coastal habitats. The 1st Globolakes Scientific Workshop, 2012, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, UK.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M. and Seminara, D. 2012. Presentation: Cranes, Planes, and Planktonic Meals: Habitat Characterizations in Gulf and East Coast NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserves. 2012 NOAA EPP Cooperative Science Center Seminar Series, November 08, 2012, Silver Springs, Maryland.

Schalles, J.F., Olley, J., O'Donnell, J. and Hladik, C.M. 2012. Presentation: Assessing chlorophyll patterns in tidal tributary streams and rivers and in estuary to near shore transition zones. FR4.5.5: Invited Session - Hyperspectral remote sensing in shallow waters. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, July 22 - 27, 2012, Munich, Germany.

Hladik, C.M., Alber, M. and Schalles, J.F. 2011. Poster: Fusing hyperspectral airborne imagery and LIDAR-derived digital elevation models for the correction of salt marsh elevations. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, November 6-10, 2011, Daytona Beach, FL.

Schalles, J.F. 2011. Presentation: Student training and habitat monitoring in coastal systems . Teacher and Student Training. Western Region Space Grant Director’s Meeting, August 26, 2011, Fairbanks, AK.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M., Seminara, D. and O'Donnell, J. 2011. Presentation: Mapping Coastal and Estuarine Chlorophyll Concentrations. S05: Ocean Color Radiometry of Coastal and Inland Water. 2011 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February 16, 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Schalles, J.F., Olley, J., Hladik, C.M. and O'Donnell, J. 2011. Presentation: Comparing algal chlorophyll spatial patterns within and between Gulf and East Coast National Estuarine Research Reserves. SCI-106, Comparative Studies of Estuarine and Coastal System Properties. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, November 9. 2011, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Schutte, C., Meile, C., Di Iorio, D., McKay, P., Joye, S.B., Blanton, J.O. and Schalles, J.F. 2011. Poster: Physical and biogeochemical patterns in the Duplin saltmarsh river system: preliminary results. LTER Science Council Meeting, Jekyll Island, GA.

Seminara, D. and Schalles, J.F. 2011. Presentation: Intersite comparison of marsh spatial patterns using hyperspectral imagery at NERR sites along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. SCI-106, Comparative Studies of Estuarine and Coastal System Properties. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, November 9, 2011.

Hladik, C.M., Alber, M., Schalles, J.F. and Pennings, S.C. 2010. Poster: Salt marsh habitat mapping on Sapelo Island, GA using LIDAR and hyperspectralimagery. National Estuarine Research Reserve Annual Meeting, October 11-15, 2010, National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M., Seminara, D.N., Altrichter, A.E. and Steele, M.M. 2010. Poster: Extracting habitat features from hyperspectral coastal wetland imagery in Georgia and Texas. Coastal Habitats. ESA Annual Meeting, August 1-6, 2010, Pittsburgh, PA.

Seminara, D.N. and Schalles, J.F. 2010. Poster: Vegetation indices to compare salt marsh spatial structure at NOAA estuarine reserves. PS 39 - Coastal Habitats. Ecological Society 2010 Annual Meeting, August 3, 2010, Pittsburgh, PA.

Hladik, C.M., Alber, M., Schalles, J.F., Lynes, A.R. and Pennings, S.C. 2009. Poster: Salt marsh habitat mapping on Sapelo Island, GA using LIDAR and hyperspectral imagery. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation meeting, November 2009, Portland, Oregon.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M., Altrichter, A.E., Seminara, D.N. and Merani, P.B. 2009. Poster: Geospatial partitioning of ecosystem components in coastal wetlands using masking and classification techniques with high resolution imagery. SCI-210 Marsh - general. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 2009 Biennial Conference, November 5, 2009, Portland, OR.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M., Pennings, S.C., Steele, M.M. and Lynes, A.R. 2009. Presentation: Extracting habitat features from hyperspectral wetland imagery at NOAA’s Sapelo Island and Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserves. NOAA – Educational Partnership Program Fifth Education and Science Forum, November 13, 2009, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M., Volkmer, M. and Saucedo, D.F. 2007. Presentation: Geospatial mapping of species and biomass in Georgia salt marshes using AISA airborne hyperspectral imagery. Estuarine Research Federation 2007 Annual Meeting, 4-8 November 2007, Providence, Rhode Island.

Volkmer, M., Schalles, J.F., Hladik, C.M. and Pennings, S.C. 2007. Presentation: Coastal wetland and surface water classifications using hyperspectral aerial imagery. CS23 Remote Sensing and Emerging Technologies. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography 2007 Aquatic Science Meetings, February 5, 2007, Sante Fe, N.M.

Schalles, J., Hladik, C., Whitehurst, L. and Merani, P. 2006. Poster: Hyperspectral imaging of wetlands and estuarine waters of National Estuarine Research Reserves in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the United States. Shallow Water Optics. Ocean Optics XVIII, The Oceanographic Society, October 9-13, 2006, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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