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Title GCE data-only submission form for describing tabular and non-tabular data files to attach to data sets submitted online
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This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template is provided for formatting and describing tabular and non-tabular data sets for submission to the GCE Information Management Office for archiving in the GCE Data Catalog and LTER Data Portal. Note that data set documentation (metadata) must be provided separately online prior to submission of the data files (see to register the documentation).

For tabular data (e.g. spreadsheets, non-digital data sheets, simple comma or space-delimited logger files), the data values and column information should be entered or pasted into the "Tabular Data" worksheet unless prior arrangements are made with IM staff for parsing data from specialized formats (e.g. raw data logger files, real-time data telemetry or lab-specific storage formats). For specialized tabular or non-tabular data (e.g. GIS files, raster imagery, genomics data), the data file(s) can be described using the "Non-Tabular Data" worksheet and the template can be uploaded along with the data files.

Completed templates and data files (if provided separately) should be uploaded to the GCE IM office using the "Add Files" links for the corresponding data set metadata on the Private GCE Web Site (

More information about GCE data submission is available at Note that a GCE Data Submission Training presentation and Zip archive of sample submissions are also available for downloading (see However, this training material is now out of date, and will be updated prior to January 2019.

Contributor Wade Sheldon

Wade Sheldon. 2018. GCE data-only submission form for describing tabular and non-tabular data files to attach to data sets submitted online. Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER File Archive, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. (

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File Date Oct 17, 2018 (version 1)
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