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Title GCE Data Toolbox: Metadata-driven Software for Data Acquisition, Quality Control and Synthesis
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The effort required to process, document, and quality control raw data from sensors is often a limiting step in bringing environmental data online. Similarly, the effort required to find, download and refactor data collected by others can prove limiting in large-scale synthesis efforts. However, the GCE Data Toolbox (MATLAB-based software developed at GCE-LTER) has proven effective in overcoming both of these barriers. This software can automate processing of data collected by a wide variety of data logger systems, from initial acquisition through quality control and distribution of documented data sets and plots. It is equally adept at harvesting and integrating existing data from national monitoring programs and environmental databases (e.g. LTER ClimDB/HydroDB, USGS NWIS, NOAA NCDC, NOAA NERR). This poster provides a brief overview of the toolbox, which is freely available for use by other LTER sites.

Contributor Wade M. Sheldon

Sheldon, W.M. Jr. 2011. Poster: GCE Data Toolbox: Metadata-driven Software for Data Acquisition, Quality Control and Synthesis. 2011 LTER Science Council Meeting, May 18-19, 2011, Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Key Words acquisition, data, LTER-IMC, MATLAB, quality control, software, synthesis
File Date 2011
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