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Title Dynamic, Rule-based Quality Control Framework for Real-time Sensor Data
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Quality Control of high volume, real-time data from automated sensors is an emerging challenge. Traditional techniques (e.g. plotting, statistics) often don't scale well. As a result, data validation and quality control can be a limiting factor in getting data online. Difficulties can also lead to release delays or posting provisional data. The GCE Data Toolbox (MATLAB-based software developed at GCE-LTER) has proven useful for Q/C of real-time data. This software was designed to automate GCE data processing, QA/QC and metadata generation, but is very generalized and supports any tabular data. It also provides a dynamic, rule-based Q/C framework for data processing, analysis and synthesis.

Contributor Wade M. Sheldon

Sheldon, W.M. Jr. 2011. Presentation: Dynamic, Rule-based Quality Control Framework for Real-time Sensor Data. Streaming QA/QC. Northeast Environmental Sensor Workshop, October 24-27, 2011, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Woodstock, New Hampshire.

Key Words data, MATLAB, quality control, sensor, statistics, toolbox
File Date 2011
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