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Publications Journal Articles Tidal freshwater forests: Sentinels for climate change
(contributed by McKenna Stahl, 2018)
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    Differential effects of chronic and acute simulated seawater intrusion on tidal freshwater marsh carbon cycling
(contributed by Ellen Herbert, 2018)
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    Salinity Variability and Water Exchange in Interconnected Estuaries
(contributed by Yuntao Wang, 2017)
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    Chemical speciation of copper in a salt marsh estuary and bioavailability to Thaumarchaeota
(contributed by Hannah Whitby, 2017)
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    Seasonal changes in above- and below-ground non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) in Spartina alterniflora in a marsh in Georgia, USA
(contributed by Yeajin Jung, 2017)
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    Generalizing Ecological Effects of Shoreline Armoring Across Soft Sediment Environments
(contributed by J.E. Dugan, 2017)
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    Agents of change and temporal nutrient dynamics in the Altamaha River Watershed
(contributed by Kimberly Takagi, 2017)
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    Abiotic factors influence the dynamics of marine habitat use by a highly mobile “freshwater” top predator
(contributed by James C. Nifong, 2017)
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    Oyster paleoecology and Native American subsistence practices on Ossabaw Island, Georgia, USA
(contributed by Isabelle H. Lulewicz, 2017)
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    Timing of disturbance affects biomass and flowering of a saltmarsh plant and attack by stem-boring herbivores
(contributed by Shanze Li, 2017)
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    Inorganic carbon and oxygen dynamics in a marsh-dominated estuary
(contributed by Shiyu Wang, 2017)
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    Optical types of inland and coastal waters
(contributed by E. Spyrakos, 2017)
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    Mutualistic interactions amplify saltmarsh restoration success
(contributed by M. Derksen-Hooijberg, 2017)
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    Sea surface aragonite saturation state variations and control mechanisms at the Gray's Reef time-series site off Georgia, USA (2006–2007)
(contributed by Liang Xue, 2016)
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    A novel molecular approach for tracing terrigenous dissolved organic matter into the deep ocean
(contributed by Patricia M. Medeiros, 2016)
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