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Publications Journal Articles Disturbance is complicated: headward-eroding saltmarsh creeks produce multiple responses and recovery trajectories
(contributed by Fengrun Wu, 2022)
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    Variation in Densities of the Salt Marsh Katydid Orchelimum fidicinium over Space and Time
(contributed by Tianjiao Adams, 2022)
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    A multi-proxy assessment of the impact ofenvironmental instability on Late Holocene(4500-3800 BP) Native American villages of theGeorgia coast
(contributed by Carey J. Garland, 2022)
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    Variation in synchrony of production among species, sites and intertidal zones in coastal marshes
(contributed by Wenwen Liu, 2021)
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    Assessing long-term trends in lateral salt-marsh shoreline change along a U.S. East Coast latitudinal gradient
(contributed by Christine Burns, 2021)
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    State Changes: Insights from the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network
(contributed by Julie C. Zinnert, 2021)
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    A large invasive consumer reduces coastal ecosystem resilience by disabling positive species interactions
(contributed by Marc Simon Hensel, 2021)
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    Increasing grazer density leads to linear decreases in Spartina alterniflora biomass and exponential increases in grazing pressure across a barrier island
(contributed by Julianna J. Renzi, 2021)
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    "I am Sapelo": Racialized Uneven Development and Land Politics within the Gullah/Geechee Corridor.
(contributed by Dean Hardy, 2021)
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    Transcriptional activity differentiates families of Marine Group II Euryarchaeota in the coastal ocean
(contributed by Julian Damashek, 2021)
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    Salt Marsh Light Use Efficiency is Driven by Environmental Gradients and Species-Specific Physiology and Morphology
(contributed by Peter Hawman, 2021)
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    Consistent pattern of higher lability of leaves from high latitudes for both native Phragmites australis and exotic Spartina alterniflora
(contributed by Youzheng Zhang, 2021)
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    BERM: A belowground ecosystem resilience model for estimating Spartina alterniflora belowground biomass
(contributed by Jessica L. O'Connell, 2021)
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    Plasticity and selection drive hump-shaped latitudinal patterns of flowering phenology in an invasive intertidal plant
(contributed by Xincong Chen, 2021)
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    Can Nucleation Bridge to Desirable Alternative Stable States? Theory and Applications.
(contributed by T. Michaels, 2021)
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