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Organism Photos Other species Crotalus adamanteus photograph
Description - Diamondback rattlesnake on road near the UGAMI laboratory. Photo Steven Pennings.
(contributed by Steve Pennings, 2018)
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    Claviceps purpurea photograph
Description - In some years, Claviceps is a common fungal parasite of Spartina seed heads. Photo by Steven Newell.
(contributed by Steve Pennings, 2016)
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    Passeriniella obiones photograph
Description - Photo by Steven Newell
(contributed by Steve Pennings, 2016)
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    Gastrophryne carolinensis photograph
Description - The narrow-mouth toad is actually a frog. This one was in my compost pile, presumably eating ants, one of their favorite foods. Steve Pennings
(contributed by Steve Pennings, 2016)
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    Trichechus manatus photograph
Description - Manatees are occasional visitors to the Altamaha River estuary. Photo by Steve Pennings.
(contributed by Steve Pennings, 2013)
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    Nerodia taxispilota photograph
Description - Brown water snake Nerodia taxispilota at GCE 7. This snake is not venemous. Photo by Caroline Reddy.
(contributed by Steve Pennings, 2012)
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