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Application ID and Description Investigator Submitted Status Permits
GCE-100-2019 – Field Monitoring of Spartina alterniflora marsh disturbance Christine Angelini 2019-05-31 approved
GCE-99-2019 – Biomimic Sensor Network Craig W. Osenberg 2019-05-06 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-98-2019 – Characterizing the role of filter feeders in influencing nitrogen removal in coastal marshes Christine Angelini 2019-05-06 approved
GCE-97-2019 – Drone observations of high marsh transitions Merryl Alber 2019-05-03 approved
GCE-96-2019 – Drone observations of Spartina alterniflora marsh disturbance Merryl Alber 2019-05-03 approved
GCE-95-2019 – Vegetation sampling using NutNet protocol 2019 Steven C. Pennings 2019-04-23 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-94-2019 – Crab creek disturbance and recovery Steven C. Pennings 2019-03-28 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-93-2019 – Specimen collection for biomimic testing Craig W. Osenberg 2019-02-27 approved
GCE-92-2019 – Mussels control salt marsh geomorphological evolution - small scale Christine Angelini 2019-02-08 approved
GCE-90-2018 – Effects of grazed creeks on blue carbon stocks Christine Angelini 2018-04-25 approved
GCE-89-2018 – Latitudinal variation in marsh fauna Steven C. Pennings 2018-03-12 approved
GCE-88-2018 – Optimizing sand dune restoration success Christine Angelini 2018-01-12 approved
GCE-87-2017 – Effects of grazing ungulates on salt marsh community structure Christine Angelini 2017-09-12 approved
GCE-86-2017 – Mussels control salt marsh geomorphological evolution Sinead M. Crotty 2017-05-22 approved
GCE-85-2017 – Tidal creek morphology drives predator access to salt marsh platforms Sinead M. Crotty 2017-04-26 approved
GCE-84-2017 – Local and landscape scale biodeposition by the ribbed mussel, Geukensia demissa Sinead M. Crotty 2017-04-26 approved
GCE-83-2017 – Duplin River Groundwater Assessment Richard N. Peterson 2017-04-20 approved
GCE-82-2017 – Resident invertebrate food webs modulate contaminant fate and transport in southeastern US salt marshes Christine Angelini 2017-02-14 approved
GCE-81-2016 – Water level measurements Christof Meile 2016-09-19 approved
GCE-80-2016 – Effects of feral horses on the ecosystem properties of Cumberland Island salt marshes Steven C. Pennings 2016-08-10 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-79-2016 – PCB accumulation in red drum Christine Angelini 2016-07-21 approved
GCE-78-2016 – Community wide effects of Sesarma grazing on salt marsh creek heads Sinead M. Crotty 2016-06-09 approved
GCE-77-2016 – Cross-shore current measurements of the lower Duplin River Daniela Di Iorio 2016-05-26 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-76-2016 – Predation effects on ribbed mussel spatial aggregations on the landscape scale Christine Angelini 2016-05-19 approved
GCE-75-2016 – Duplin River Groundwater Assessment Richard N. Peterson 2016-04-08 approved
GCE-74-2016 – Marsh Nekton Exclusion Brian R. Silliman 2016-04-07 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-72-2016 – Mapping belowground productivity within Spartina alterniflora salt marshes Deepak Mishra 2016-03-21 approved
GCE-71-2016 – The Link between Suspended Sediment Concentration and Salt Marsh Accretion Ellen Herbert 2016-02-10 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-69-2016 – Evaluating plant response to changes in inundation with experimental marsh organs Merryl Alber 2016-02-03 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-68-2015 – Effect of Salt Marsh Vegetation Community on Sediment Respiration Elizabeth King 2015-08-12 approved
GCE-67-2015 – Does water from upland habitats control high marsh ecology? Steven C. Pennings 2015-07-08 approved
GCE-65-2015 – Plant clonal architecture Steven C. Pennings 2015-05-26 approved
GCE-64-2015 – Effect of shading on palatability of Iva frutescens to herbivory Steven C. Pennings 2015-05-26 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-63-2015 – Marsh Surface Temperature James T. Hollibaugh 2015-04-29 approved
GCE-62-2015 – Duplin River Groundwater Assessment Richard N. Peterson 2015-04-01 approved
GCE-61-2015 – Effects of spacing and mussel aggregation size on salt marsh food webs Christine Angelini 2015-03-09 approved
GCE-59-2014 – Latitudinal variation of Spartina alterniflora in US 2014 Steven C. Pennings 2014-10-24 approved
GCE-58-2014 – Colonization of Iva plants by insects Steven C. Pennings 2014-06-10 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-57-2014 – Effects of Nutrients and Salinity on Soil Organic Matter Christopher B. Craft 2014-05-27 approved
GCE-56-2014 – Can mussels protect Spartina from mutiple stressors? Christine Angelini 2014-03-25 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-55-2014 – Freshwater plant responses to saltwater pulses Steven C. Pennings 2014-03-19 approved
GCE-54-2014 – Deployment of 7 moorings in the Georgia coastal domain Daniela Di Iorio 2014-02-15 approved
GCE-53-2013 – CCU groundwater and resistivity study - Winter 2013 Richard N. Peterson 2013-10-24 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-52-2013 – Blue crab monitoring Steven C. Pennings 2013-08-30 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-51-2013 – High marsh annual monitoring of Borrichia Juncus mixtures Steven C. Pennings 2013-08-02 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-50-2013 – Effects of marsh elevation and bird disturbance on Spartina patch recovery Christine Angelini 2013-07-23 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-49-2013 – Creek bank seepage fluxes Christof Meile 2013-07-11 approved
GCE-47-2013 – Flux tower monthly vegetation monitoring Steven C. Pennings 2013-06-07 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-46-2013 – Shoreline Survey Merryl Alber 2013-05-30 approved
GCE-45-2013 – CCU groundwater and resistivity study - Summer 2013 Richard F. Viso 2013-05-08 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-44-2013 – Algal survey and light availability experiment along salinity gradient Christopher B. Craft 2013-04-29 approved
GCE-43-2013 – 3-way salt marsh symbiosis Christine Angelini 2013-04-02 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-42-2013 – Short-term responses of tidal low-salinity marsh vegetation to saltwater intrusion Steven C. Pennings 2013-03-13 approved
GCE-41-2013 – Nutrient Limitation of Benthic Biofilms Along the Estuarine Salinity Gradient Christopher B. Craft 2013-02-11 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-40-2013 – CCU Groundwater and mapping trip - Spring 2013 Richard N. Peterson 2013-01-24 approved
GCE-39-2013 – Seawater Addition Long Term Experiment (SALTEx) Christopher B. Craft 2013-01-16 approved Army Corps
GCE-37-2012 – Micrometeorological flux tower installation Daniela Di Iorio 2012-10-05 approved Army Corps
GCE-36-2012 – Creek bank seepage fluxes Christof Meile 2012-09-24 approved
GCE-35-2012 – GCE-LTER Altamaha River plant community monitoring Steven C. Pennings 2012-08-30 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-34-2012 – Creek bank seepage fluxes Christof Meile 2012-08-13 approved
GCE-32-2012 – Spartina Mussel Mesocosm Experiment Christine Angelini 2012-06-09 approved
GCE-31-2012 – Subsurface fluxes Christof Meile 2012-05-29 approved
GCE-29-2012 – Mussel Addition Experiment Christine Angelini 2012-05-09 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-28-2012 – Lateral variability of sediment deposition across tidal bars Steven C. Pennings 2012-05-07 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-26-2012 – Hammock monitoring wells adjacent to Blackbeard Island Merryl Alber 2012-03-13 approved
GCE-25-2012 – Hammock monitoring wells adjacent to Sapelo Island Merryl Alber 2012-03-06 approved
GCE-24-2012 – Duplin groundwater sampling Richard F. Viso 2012-03-06 approved
GCE-23-2012 – Duplin River flow measurements in collaboration with CCU groundwater surveys Daniela Di Iorio 2012-02-07 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-22-2012 – Ammonia oxidation in the GCE domain James T. Hollibaugh 2012-01-25 approved
GCE-21-2012 – Do hydrological conditions at creek heads stimulate Sesarma reticulatum recruitment? Steven C. Pennings 2012-01-20 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-20-2012 – Effects of Sesarma reticulatum on tidal creek growth. Steven C. Pennings 2012-01-20 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-19-2011 – Plant secondary succession following disturbance Steven C. Pennings 2011-11-03 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-18-2011 – GCE-LTER annual grasshopper monitoring Steven C. Pennings 2011-11-02 approved
GCE-17-2011 – Can less palatable plants buffer Spartina against runaway consumption John Griffin 2011-07-17 approved
GCE-16-2011 – Long-term Nutrient (N, P) Additions to a Tidal Freshwater Marsh Christopher B. Craft 2011-06-27 approved
GCE-15-2011 – Photomapping of marsh vegetation Steven C. Pennings 2011-06-23 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-14-2011 – Long term monitoring of salt pans at Marsh Landing Steven C. Pennings 2011-06-23 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-13-2011 – Spartina Mussel Resilience Project Brian R. Silliman 2011-06-23 completed GADNR CRD
GCE-12-2011 – Mechanisms of succession in GA and AL marshes Steven C. Pennings 2011-06-21 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-11-2011 – Role of tree host identity in regulating the strength of facilitation cascades in tree- epiphyte communities of the southeastern US Brian R. Silliman 2011-05-26 completed
GCE-10-2011 – How does predator species evenness affect a trophic cascade? John Griffin 2011-05-23 completed
GCE-9-2011 – Cabretta Island Groundwater Monitoring Alicia M. Wilson 2011-05-23 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-8-2011 – Consumer diversity impacts in salt marshes Brian R. Silliman 2011-05-17 approved
GCE-7-2011 – GCE LTER Sedimentation-Erosion Table (SET) Monitoring Christopher B. Craft 2011-05-13 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-6-2011 – Ungulate control of facilitation cascade dynamics in oak savannas Brian R. Silliman 2011-05-07 completed
GCE-5-2011 – GCE-LTER plant community monitoring Steven C. Pennings 2011-05-03 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-4-2011 – Survey of genetic and epigenetic diversity across Borrichia frutescens and Spartina alterniflora sites (follow-up to Richards et al 2004 Ecology Letters) Christina L. Richards 2011-05-02 approved
GCE-3-2011 – Comparative transcriptomics of reciprocal transplants of Spartina alterniflora Christina L. Richards 2011-05-02 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-2-2011 – GCE Long-term Hydrographic Monitoring Daniela Di Iorio 2011-04-21 approved GADNR CRD
GCE-1-2011 – GCE-LTER vegetation and invertebrate monitoring Steven C. Pennings 2011-04-20 approved GADNR CRD

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