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Connecting to ArcGIS Online Services

ArcGIS Online Services

ArcGIS Online Standard Services are available at no cost to ArcGIS users for internal use (personal or within an organization) or for external, non-commercial use. To use these services externally for commercial purposes, you must purchase an annual subscription per user. Subscription fees vary depending on whether you are an ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, or ArcGIS Mobile user.

With ESRI's ArcGIS Online Standard Services you will gain access to a wide vairety of useful data collections, including:

  • World Imagery

  • World Street Map

  • World Transportation

  • World Shaded Relief

  • USA Elevation

  • USA Topographic Maps

  • World Elevation

  • World Boundaries and Places

  • World Topographic Maps

  • World Political Map

  • World Place Name


How to connect to an ArcGIS Online service over the internet using ArcCatalog v.9.2

ArcGIS server

  1. Expand the 'GIS Servers' folder in the Catalog tree and selct 'Add ArcGIS Server'.

  2. Select 'Use GIS Services' and click 'Next'.

  3. Type the name of the ArcGIS Server or URL of the ArcGIS Server to which you want to connect. For ArcGIS Online Standard Services for ArcGIS v.9.2, enter 'http://services.arcgisonline.com/v92'.

  4. If required, type your user name and password for accessing the server. In this case, the user name = 'arcgis_beta' and the password = 'beta'. Click Finish.

If you want to rename the ArcGIS Server, right-click the ArcGIS Server name in the Catalog tree, click Rename, then enter a new name.



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