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GCE Data Toolbox Version 3.9.9b (Mar 2019)

» GCE Member Distribution (source code, GCE-specific import filters and templates):

» Public Distribution (source code, generic import filters and templates):

» For Additional Information:

(Note: Source code for the GCE Data Toolbox is available to the public under a GPLv3 license. Code can now be modified, used for other projects, and re-distributed as long as any derived works are also released under GPLv3 or compatible license. Please see the GCE Data Toolbox software development site for more information)

System Requirements

The GCE Data Toolbox requires MATLAB Release 13 (version 6.5) or higher running on Windows, Linux, Solaris or McIntosh OS/X. No optional toolboxes are required, although Database Toolbox functionality is supported by some auxiliary functions.

General Toolbox Installation

  1. Extract the files to a directory accessible to MATLAB, making sure the option to use folder names or recurse subdirectories is enabled
  2. Start the MATLAB program
  3. Change to the new directory using the MATLAB path browser or 'cd' command in the command window (e.g. cd c:\matlabr13\toolbox\gce_datatools)
  4. Type 'startup' to launch the GUI startup dialog containing buttons to view the documentation and run programs for searching and retrieving existing datasets and creating new data sets
  5. Optionally create a Windows or MATLAB shortcut or Unix symbolic link that changes to the toolbox directory and then launches the MATLAB program executable (e.g. matlab.exe) to automatically start the tools
  6. Note: if you choose not to use the included startup script to run the tools, make sure to add the toolbox directory to the MATLAB search path to avoid errors running functions that access files outside the working directory

Toolbox Version Upgrades

  1. Extract the distribution files from the latest version of the toolbox to a different directory than any prior versions (select either the complete package or update package, depending on whether updated support files are desired)
  2. Copy any data files or custom flag functions you have added to the toolbox to corresponding locations in the new directory (i.e. as identified by file creation date)
  3. If you want to retain your preference settings, or if you have added to or customized the imort filters, unit conversions, or metadata style templates distributed with the toolbox, copy the relevant files in the 'userdata' directory to the corresponding location in the new directory to retain your modifications in the new version:
    • Customizations:
      • data import filters:  userdata/imp_filters.mat
      • metadata templates:  userdata/imp_templates.mat
      • metadata format styles:  userdata/metastyles.mat
      • unit conversions database:  userdata/ui_unitconv.mat
    • Preferences and Settings:
      • ClimDB station lists:  userdata/ui_expclimdb.mat
      • data grid layout preferences: userdata/ui_datagrid.mat
      • ClimDB data retrieval preferences: userdata/ui_fetch_climdb.mat
      • USGS data retrieval preferences: userdata/ui_fetch_usgs.mat
      • search results and search history:  search_indices/search_default.mat
      • user registration information:  userdata/gce_user_registration.mat
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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grants OCE-9982133, OCE-0620959, OCE-1237140 and OCE-1832178. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.