GCE Legacy Map & Image Format Samples

Map/Photo Format Sample Image
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Aerial Photo aerial_photo_sample.jpg (270880 bytes) Digitized USGS NAPP transparencies
Aerial Photo Map photo_map_sample.jpg (197434 bytes) Aerial photo displayed with geographic coordinate axes after geo-referencing
Topo-bathymetric Map topobatho_sample.gif (172193 bytes) USGS digital ortho-quad maps displaying elevations, water depths and land features
NOAA Bathymetric Chart noaa_sample.jpg (223774 bytes) Digitized NOAA navigational charts with depth soundings and marsh details
MATLAB Figure matlab_figure_sample.jpg (292273 bytes)

MATLAB .fig files created using the GCE Mapping Tools

(Note: use the 'open [filename].fig' command to open the figure in MATLAB 5.3 or higher; GCE Mapping Tools must be present in the MATLAB search path to use MapMenu functions to modify map)


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