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Introducing Laura Hollander

In September, Laura joined the GCE as a research professional to lead the field crew. Laura has diverse professional experience in coastal habitat restoration and climate change resilience, with a focus on coastal waterbirds and saltmarsh habitat. She has spent much of her career working in San Francisco Bay on coastal restoration research projects, including living shorelines, restoration of waterbird habitat, and saltmarsh vulnerability and adaptation to sea level rise. She was also previously a research technician at UGA for the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, where she researched avian influenza dynamics in waterfowl and shorebirds in Delaware Bay and on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. She conducted her masters research on saltmarsh plant response to a sea-level rise adaptation strategy at San Francisco State University in Tiburon, California, and recently completed a SeaGrant fellowship with the California State Coastal Conservancy. As a Savannah, Georgia native and UGA alumna, she is excited to join the LTER and conduct research on the Georgia coast. 

Laura will now serve as the primary contact for research assistance from the GCE field crew.  Please be sure to stop by and see her on your next visit to Sapelo.

Laura's contact info is:


GCE office: 912-485-2221 ext. 2204

Laura Hollander

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Nov 02, 2022


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