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Tropical Storm Nicole arrives at Sapelo, prompting ferry schedule changes

The effects of Tropical Storm Nicole's approach were already noticeable at Sapelo Island on Wednesday Nov 9, with winds at Marsh Landing increasing to over 10 m/s (25 mph) and elevated tides predicted for Thursday. Consequently DNR ceased ferry runs Wednesday at noon until the storm passes.

As of Thursday morning wind gusts of 20 m/s (43 mph) were recorded at Marsh Landing and significant rains and elevated water levels were visible at the Juncus PhenoCam site near the lighthouse marsh and the creek behind UGAMI. Fortunately storm surge appears to be well under 1 m based on tide gauge readings at Marsh Landing and Hudson Creek, suggesting flooding will be limited.

Juncus PhenoCam (11/10 10:39)
UGAMI Creek Cam (11/10 10:50)
Marsh Landing Weather (11/10 10:30)

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submitted Nov 10, 2022


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