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The entire GCE website now requires SSL encryption for access

All pages and files on the GCE website now require the more secure HTTPS (SSL-encrypted HTTP) protocol for access over the internet. Previously only password-protected portions of the GCE website required encryption, but in recent months we have eperienced a major uptick in sophisticated malware attacks so we made this change to prevent potential hijacking of user sessions via injected web code (so-called "Man in the Middle" exploits). This change also brings us into compliance with UGA Information Security guidelines and improves compatibility with Chrome, Safari and other web browsers that default to HTTPS for all links.

We have set up an automatic redirect for web requests over HTTP to hopefully avoid problems with broken external links and stored bookmarks. If you do experience any problems viewing a GCE web page try refreshing the page or clearing your web browser cache, but if the problem persists please contact the GCE Information Management Office for assistance.

(Contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)

submitted Dec 07, 2022


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