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Third year of disturbance for DRAGNET

GCE is participating in the DRAGNET experiment, a global distributed experiment focusing on the role of disturbance and nutrients. The protocol for the experiment is to vigorously disturb the soil in some plots by roto-tilling three years in a row. Our little roto-tiller has somehow survived two years of this, and now we're hard at work at year three of the treatments.  This is what our summer interns dreamed of when they applied! After this, recovery of the plots will be followed for the next 7 years. We anticipate a GCE-specific paper, but the most interesting thing will be seeing how our marsh site compares with the terrestrial grasslands that make up most of the DRAGNET sites.

Shawna working at DRAGNET

Clara working at DRAGNET

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Jul 06, 2023


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