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Marsh Landing weather station transmitting data intermittently (resolved 7/24)

The SINERR weather station at Marsh Landing on Sapelo Island (adjacent to the parking lot) began transmitting data only intermittently last week. The problem appears battery-related because transmission resumed in daylight hours when the solar panel began providing power. SINERR is currently investigating the issue.

In the mean time we have added weekly weather plots from the GCE-LTER Eddy Covariance Flux Tower to the home page and current conditions page on the GCE Website to provide near-real-time information on Sapelo Island weather conditions. We will post updates when available.

UPDATE: the issue was resolved on July 24, 2023, and the station is now transmitting all data.

(Contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)

submitted Jul 19, 2023


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