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The other Littoraria

GCE scientists are so focused on the marsh that many of us may not realize that there are two species of Littoraria on Sapelo Island. In addition to the marsh periwinkle, Littoraria irrorata, that we all know and love, there is a second species, Littoraria nebulosa, the cloudy periwinkle. L. nebulosa is found throughout the Caribbean and on the East Coasts of North and South America. Its preferred habitat is wood. On Sapelo Island you'll find it on the North ends of Nannygoat beach and Cabretta beach where eroding shores have dumped trees into the intertidal along the beach. Many of these trees in the intertidal have abundant L. nebulosa populations living on them. If you handle them, they emerge from their shells and crawl around much more readily than L. irrorata does, proof of their trusting and friendly nature.

Littoraria nebulosa on its preferred habitat

Littoraria nebulosa in the hand

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submitted Oct 28, 2020


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