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GCE Code of Conduct

The GCE Executive Committee formally voted to adopt a code of conduct for the GCE-LTER program. Its scope is intentionally narrow - focused only on the GCE LTER - but it applies wherever GCE work is done. The document is available on the GCE website, and can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format.

Formal codes of conduct for scientific groups are a fairly new thing, and there isn't yet a lot of experience with how they work in practice. But in general they have two goals. First, by setting expectations, they seek to remind everyone to treat each other well. Second, they seek to provide a mechanism where concerns - large or small - can be addressed, hopefully in a constructive way, to everyone's benefit.

No doubt our code and other codes will change over time as we gain experience with them. Your feedback - good or bad - on how the GCE code affects you is welcome. Send comments to me, or through your PI.

Steve Pennings, GCE co-PD

(Contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

submitted Oct 07, 2021


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