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Fall monitoring 2021 has begun (full article) Monitoring Program Oct 16, 2021
GCE Code of Conduct (full article) Announcement Oct 07, 2021
LTER Working Group publishes paper on organic matter patterns, processes, transport, and trends. (full article) Publication News Sep 20, 2021
Tidal Marsh Equilibrium and Sea level Rise (full article) Publication News Jul 25, 2021
I-16 shut down due to a major bridge accident, affecting travel from Athens to Sapelo Island (full article) Announcement Jul 15, 2021
Dramatic variation in Spartina clonal morphology (full article) Personal Observation Jul 15, 2021
DRAGNet at Sapelo (full article) Research News Jul 04, 2021
GCE on PBS! (full article) Outreach News Jun 22, 2021
GCE activities are humming (full article) LTER News Jun 21, 2021
Schalles Lab summer projects at UGAMI (full article) Field Program News Jun 20, 2021
Pennings and Angelini laboratories visit Cumberland Island (full article) Research News Jun 10, 2021
Pennings lab at Sapelo (full article) Personnel News May 24, 2021
Rabbits and Rattlers (full article) Personal Observation May 16, 2021
GCE Data Toolbox information and download links have been moved to a dedicated website (full article) IM News Mar 26, 2021
Historic NOAA Palmer Drought Index data sets and plots in the GCE Data Portal have been updated through February 2021 (full article) Data Release Mar 11, 2021

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