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Publications Conference Papers A Coastal Water Quality Metadata Database for the Southeast U.S.A.
(contributed by Wade M. Sheldon, 2011)
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    Dynamic, Rule-based Quality Control Framework for Real-time Sensor Data
(contributed by Wade M. Sheldon, 2008)
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    Coastal Watershed Condition Assessment of Fort Pulaski National Monument
(contributed by Caroline R. McFarlin, 2007)
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    ClimDB/HydroDB: A web harvester and data warehouse approach to building a cross-site climate and hydrology database
(contributed by Donald L. Henshaw, 2006)
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    Comparing Transport Times Through Salinity Zones in the Ogeechee and Altamaha River Estuaries Using SqueezeBox
(contributed by Joan E. Sheldon, 2005)
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    Trends in agricultural sources of nitrogen in the Altamaha River watershed
(contributed by Sylvia C. Schaefer, 2005)
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    Some physical factors that may affect turbulent mixing in Altamaha Sound, Georgia
(contributed by Daniela Di Iorio, 2003)
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    Nutrients and dissolved organic matter in the Altamaha river and loading to the coastal zone
(contributed by Nathaniel B. Weston, 2003)
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    Georgia Coastal Research Council: A forum for scientists and managers
(contributed by Merryl Alber, 2003)
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    Simulating material movement through the lower Altamaha River Estuary using a 1-D box model
(contributed by Joan E. Sheldon, 2003)
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    Spartina species zonation along the Altamaha River Estuary
(contributed by Susan N. White, 2003)
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    A vegetative survey of back-barrier islands near Sapelo Island, Georgia
(contributed by Gayle Albers, 2003)
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    Efforts to link ecological metadata with bacterial gene sequences at the Sapelo Island Microbial Observatory
(contributed by Wade M. Sheldon, 2002)
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    Water use patterns in the watersheds of the Georgia riverine estuaries
(contributed by Merryl Alber, 2001)
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    Salinity response of the Satilla River Estuary to seasonal changes in freshwater discharge
(contributed by Jackson O. Blanton, 2001)
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