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Publications Journal Articles Variance reflects resilience to disturbance along a stress gradient: experimental evidence from coastal marshes
(contributed by J. Wang, 2024)
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    Multivariate Analysis of the Community Composition of Tidal Freshwater Forests on the Altamaha River, Georgia
(contributed by Galen Costomiris, 2024)
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    The resistance of Georgia coastal marshes to hurricanes
(contributed by Rachel S. Smith, 2024)
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    Canopy Heterogeneity and Environmental Variability Drive Annual Budgets of Net Ecosystem Carbon Exchange in a Tidal Marsh
(contributed by Peter Hawman, 2024)
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    Blue Carbon and Wetlands Compensatory Mitigation: Fitting a Climate-Sized Peg into a Watershed-Sized Hole
(contributed by Katie Hill, 2024)
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    The dynamics of marsh-channel slump blocks: an observational study using repeated drone imagery
(contributed by Zhicheng Yang, 2024)
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    Applying the core-satellite species concept: Characteristics of rare and common riverine dissolved organic matter
(contributed by M. Stadler, 2023)
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    Temporal patterns and causal drivers of aboveground plant biomass in a coastal wetland: insights from time-series analyses 
(contributed by Kadir Bice, 2023)
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    Differential impact of two major polychaete guilds on microbial communities in marine sediments: a microcosm study
(contributed by L. Deng, 2023)
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    Tidal Marsh Restoration on Sapelo Island: A Legacy of R.J. Reynolds, Jr., Eugene Odum and the University of Georgia Marine Institute
(contributed by Christopher B. Craft, 2023)
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    Photosynthetic Performance of Tidally Flooded Spartina Alterniflora Salt Marshes
(contributed by Lishen Mao, 2023)
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    Dynamic emergent leaf area in tidal wetlands: Implications for satellite-derived regional and global blue carbon estimates
(contributed by Peter Hawman, 2023)
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    Faunal engineering stimulates landscape-scale accretion in southeastern US salt marshes
(contributed by Sinead M. Crotty, 2023)
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    Ephemeral microbial responses to pulses of bioavailable carbon in oxic and anoxic salt marsh soils
(contributed by Amanda C. Spivak, 2023)
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    Utilizing Repeat UAV Imagery to Evaluate the Spatiotemporal Patterns and Environmental Drivers of Wrack in a Coastal Georgia Salt Marsh
(contributed by Tyler Lynn, 2023)
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