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Publications Journal Articles Tidal wetland Gross Primary Production across the continental United States, 2000-2019
(contributed by R. A. Feagin, 2020)
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    Effects of ten years of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on carbon and nutrient cycling in a tidal freshwater marsh
(contributed by Ellen Herbert, 2020)
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    Does predator-driven, biotic resistance limit the northward spread of the non-native green porcelain crab, Petrolisthes armatus?
(contributed by Kaitlin A. Kinney, 2019)
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    Elevation drives gradients in surface soil temperature within salt marshes
(contributed by Merryl Alber, 2019)
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    Global-change controls on soil-carbon accumulation and loss in coastal vegetated ecosystems
(contributed by Amanda C. Spivak, 2019)
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    Chronic but not acute saltwater intrusion leads to large release of inorganic N in a tidal freshwater marsh
(contributed by Sarah Widney, 2019)
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    Microspatial differences in soil temperature cause phenology change on par with long-term climate warming in salt marshes
(contributed by Jessica O'Connell, 2019)
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    Coastal dynamics and adaptation to uncertain sea level rise: Optimal portfolios for salt marsh migration
(contributed by O. D. Vinent, 2019)
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    Generalizing Ecological Effects of Shoreline Armoring Across Soft Sediment Environments
(contributed by J.E. Dugan, 2018)
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    Effects of small-scale armoring and residential development on the salt marsh-upland ecotone
(contributed by Alyssa Gehman, 2018)
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    Controls on porewater salinity in a Southeastern salt marsh
(contributed by David Michael Miklesh, 2018)
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    Inorganic carbon and oxygen dynamics in a marsh-dominated estuary
(contributed by Shiyu Wang, 2018)
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    Are the ghosts of nature’s past haunting ecology today?
(contributed by Brian R. Silliman, 2018)
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    Tidal freshwater forests: Sentinels for climate change
(contributed by McKenna Stahl, 2018)
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    Differential effects of chronic and acute simulated seawater intrusion on tidal freshwater marsh carbon cycling
(contributed by Ellen Herbert, 2018)
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