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Publications Theses - Dissertations Groundwater flow and transport at the forest-marsh boundary: A modeling study
(contributed by Sophia C. Sanders, 2021)
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    Modeling Growth and Production Dynamics of Spartina Alterniflora
(contributed by Yeajin Jung, 2018)
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    Salt Marsh Dieback: The response of Spartina alterniflora to disturbances and the consequences for marsh invertebrates
(contributed by Caroline R. McFarlin, 2012)
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    Geographic Variation in the Structure of Salt Marsh Arthropod Communities
(contributed by Brittany DeLoach McCall, 2011)
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    Geoarchaeological analysis of two back-barrier islands and their relationship to the changing landscape of coastal Georgia, U.S.A.
(contributed by John A. Turck, 2011)
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    Application of the Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program (WASP) to Evaluate Dissolved Nitrogen Concentrations in the Altamaha River Estuary, Georgia
(contributed by Galen Kaufman, 2011)
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    Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry of the Coastal Ocean: New Insights from Metatranscriptomics
(contributed by Scott Gifford, 2011)
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    Smouldering oceans: on the photochemically mediated oxidation of dissolved organic matter in coastal waters
(contributed by Heather E. Reader, 2011)
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    Synoptic comparison of salt marsh spatial structure using hyperspectral imagery at NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserves
(contributed by Drew N. Seminara, 2010)
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    Temporal and Spatial Variability of Transport and Mixing Mechanisms: Using Heat and Salt in the Duplin River, Georgia
(contributed by Paul McKay, 2008)
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    Benthic Microbial Food Webs: Spatial and Temporal Variations and the Role of Heterotrophic Protists in Salt Marsh Sediments
(contributed by Matthew R. First, 2008)
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    Biogeochemical dynamics in coastal sediments and shallow aquifers
(contributed by William P. Porubsky, 2008)
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    Centrifugal organization in a Georgia salt marsh plant community
(contributed by Alana R. Lynes, 2008)
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    Molecular description of ascomycete fungal communities on Spartina spp. in the U.S.
(contributed by Justine I. Lyons, 2007)
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    Determination of gas exchange velocities based on measurements of air-sea CO2 partial pressure gradients and direct chamber fluxes in the Duplin River, Sapelo Island, GA
(contributed by Justin Hartmann, 2007)
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