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General GIS Data Elevation Fly-through movie of the Duplin River based on a synthesis of multibeam SONAR and LIDAR data (public file request)
Description - Fly-through movie of the Duplin River and the associated intertidal area. Bathymetric data were collected using multibeam SONAR by personnel from the Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies (BCCMWS) in December 1999. Intertidal topographic data were collected using airborne LIDAR contracted for by GCE-LTER.
(contributed by Shinobu Okano, 2011)
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    Duplin DEM
Description - A high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) of the Duplin river, with a 1m2 resolution, constructed through the classification and analysis of a series of aerial photograph sets taken during a flood tide in April 2004.

Available for download is a zip archive containing an ESRI GRID and ERDAS .img files. A .pdf file of two combined reports describing the methodology used to generate the DEM is also provided.

We recommend extracting the entire zip archive to a separate empty folder. Points with Z values < -0.1 m should be discarded because they are interpolations below the lowest water height recorded.
(contributed by Jack Blanton, 2009)
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