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Taxonomic Details for Spartina alterniflora

Systematic Resumé:
SpeciesSpartina alterniflora
Common Name: smooth cordgrass, Atlantic cordgrass, saltmarsh cordgrass
Authority: Loisel.
ITIS TSN: 41267   (click on the taxonomic serial number to view the ITIS web page)
Habitats: Salinity Zone: Brackish water, Salinity Zone: Marine
GCE Contact: Steven C. Pennings, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

GCE Data Sets:

PLT-GCEM-2111a (Fall 2021 plant monitoring survey -- shoot height and flowering status of plants in permanent plots at GCE sampling sites 1-10)

PLT-GCEM-2111b (Fall 2021 plant monitoring survey -- biomass calculated from shoot height and flowering status of plants in permanent plots at GCE sampling sites 1-10)

PLT-GCEM-2111c (GCE-LTER Altamaha River Plant Community Monitoring Survey in October 2021)

PLT-GCED-2106 (Monthly Spartina alterniflora marsh vegetation data for additional sites along the Georgia coast used in the Belowground Ecosystem Resiliency Model)

PLT-GCES-1609c (Long-term Plant Biomass Monitoring Data from Altamaha River Plant Transition Sites near the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project on Sapelo Island, Georgia)

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Spartina alterniflora
Spartina alterniflora flower spike

Spartina alterniflora
Stand of medium-height Spartina alterniflora. Plants may be > 2 m tall along creekbanks and only 20 cm tall on the marsh platform. Photo Steven Pennings

Spartina alterniflora
Spartina alterniflora specimen from UGAMI herbarium. Photo Steven Pennings.


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