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Thank you for your interest in conducting research on Sapelo Island. The Sapelo Island NERR (SINERR), Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division (DNR WRD) and the University of Georgia  Marine Institute (UGAMI)  are all interested in fostering scientific research on the island, while being responsible stewards of the land by protecting sensitive natural ecosystems from disturbance.  These agencies have designed an online digital application form for you to fill out, along with guidelines for identifying your sponsoring agency  on the island. We maintain this online system to: 1) ensure that proposed research will not have negative impacts on protected species and habitats; 2)  help avoid interference and conflicts among users; 3)  track  research projects and site locations so that such information can be summarized in reports, displayed on maps, and so on, as needed by on-island partners; 4) track projects so that all equipment, markers, materials and so on used at a field site are removed at the end of the project, and that the site is left in reasonably good condition. 


Research request applications are reviewed through the SINERR program.  Note that each researcher is responsible for independently obtaining any state permits (e.g., marsh impacts, animal collecting, etc.) required under the Marsh Protection Act, or any other GA DNR permitting programs (see at bottom).  If your application is approved as submitted, you will be notified via email. If we have questions or need additional information about your project, your application will be marked as "Pending" and we will contact you to request the information or documentation.  Once your application is approved, you are responsible for making all subsequent arrangements with your on-island sponsoring agency.

Guidelines for identifying your sponsoring agency

If you have not previously done research on Sapelo and have not yet talked to staff at any of the sponsoring agencies (SINERR, DNR, or UGAMI), contacting your potential host is the important first step.  If you plan to conduct independent research and will be staying off-island or in the private Hog Hammock community on Sapelo, please mark "Other" for the sponsoring agency on the Research Request form and explain your plans.  We require an approved Research Request for any research (ecological, social, anthropological, etc.) conducted within SINERR boundaries, or on State land on Sapelo, and we strongly encourage Requests for projects conducted within the private community.  Access to Sapelo is by passenger ferry, which runs three times a day.  There are only a few public and private housing options on the island, and no commercial development (no stores, restaurants, etc.).  Your host agency facilitates your logistical needs while on Sapelo, including requests to ride the ferry, housing and transportation. Note that laboratory space is only available at UGAMI, and demand for such facilities is high during the field season (May-Oct.). Please become fully informed about the special circumstances present on Sapelo Island, and adjust your research project plans accordingly.

Note that any collection of living organisms done in the state of Georgia requires a Scientific or Educational Collection Permit. Consult with your sponsoring organization about whether they have an existing general permit that can cover your research, or if you need a separate permit. For information about GA DNR collecting permits, visit www.georgiawildlife.org. For information about interstate transport permits, visit www.aphis.usda.gov.

For questions please contact Rachel Guy
P.O. Box 15
Sapelo Island, Ga 31327