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gce_data_toolbox_startup.png The GCE Data Toolbox is a software framework for metadata-based processing, quality control and analysis of environmental data. The toolbox is a free add-on library to the MATLAB® technical computing language, based on a generalized data model for storing tabular data along with all metadata required to process and document the data set. Metadata fields are queried by toolbox functions for all operations, supporting highly automated and intelligent data analysis that ensures data set validity throughout processing.

Data can be imported into the toolbox from a wide variety of local data sources (e.g. environmental data loggers, delimited text files, database queries, standard MATLAB files), online databases (e.g. USGS NWIS, NOAA NCDC, NOAA HADS, LTER NIS) and other frameworks (e.g. Data Turbine). Additional import filters and metadata templates can be added to the toolbox to extend support to other data types and workflows. Interactive GUI forms are provided, along with a function library for building custom workflows for unattended processing. For more information, see the Overview and Documentation pages.

Example Use Cases

The GCE Data Toolbox can be used for a wide variety of environmental data management tasks, including:

  • Importing raw data from environmental sensors for post-processing and analysis
  • Performing quality control analysis on sensor data using rule-based and interactive flagging tools
  • Gap-filling and correcting data using gated interpolation, drift correction and custom algorithms/models
  • Visualizing data using frequency histograms, line/scatter plots and map plots
  • Summarizing and re-sampling data sets using aggregation, binning, and date/time scaling tools
  • Synthesizing data by combining multiple data sets using join and merge tools
  • Mining near-real-time or historic data from the USGS NWIS, NOAA NCDC, NOAA HADS or LTER ClimDB servers
  • Harvesting and integrating time-series data from Data Turbine streaming data servers (see Data Turbine Harvesting)

System Requirements

The toolbox and data storage specification were developed using the MATLAB® programming language ( http://www.mathworks.com), and require MATLAB Version 7.9 (R2009b) or higher to run. However, a complete suite of graphical user interface applications is provided to augment the command-line functions, allowing users with no prior MATLAB experience to use the toolbox with minimal instruction. MATLAB is compatible with all major computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows®, Apple OS/X® and Linux.

Toolbox Licensing and Distribution

The GCE Data Toolbox is open source software, released under a GPLv3 license. Source code can be modified, used for other projects and re-distributed as long as the derived work is also released under a GPLv3 or equivalent license.

Stable distribution packages are available on the Downloads page, and the latest source code can also be browsed on the SVN Server or checked out using an SVN client application (use username=guest with a blank password for anonymous read-only access).

User Support and Training

A variety of resources are included with the toolbox distribution files and available on this Trac Wiki website to support both new and experienced users, including:

In addition, an email discussion list provides peer-to-peer support and information about new toolbox releases and features. You can subscribe to this list and view the list archives on the GCETOOLBOX-L LISTSERV web page.