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Title Persulfate Digest for Water Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorous
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This digest is applied to water samples to oxidize the nitrogen from all N compartments into nitrate and the phosphorus from all P compartments into orthophosphate. The resulting digests are analyzed by automated colorimetry (Alpkem or Technicon) for nitrate-N and orthophosphate-P. It is both safer and more effective than traditional Kjeldahl techniques. It is based on the method of Koroleff 1983 as modified by Qualls 1989.

Contributor Adam Sapp

Adam Sapp. 2018. Persulfate Digest for Water Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorous. Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER File Archive, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. (

Key Words persulfate digest, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorous
File Date Feb 21, 2018 (version 1)
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