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Active GCE Personnel

Project Administrators and Managers
Merryl AlberProject Director
Steve PenningsField Director
Wade SheldonInformation Manager
Project Investigators
Clark AlexanderMarine Geology
Adrian BurdBiological Oceanography/Modeling
Jeb ByersMarine Community and Population Ecology
Wei-Jun CaiChemical Oceanography
Renato CastelaoPhysical Oceanography
Chris CraftWetlands Ecology and Soils
Daniela Di IorioPhysical Oceanography
Marc GarbeyComputer Science
Tim HollibaughMicrobial Ecology
Chuck HopkinsonMicrobial Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Mandy JoyeNutrient Biogeochemistry
Monique LeclercAtmospheric Biogeoscience
Patricia MedeirosOrganic and Isotope Geochemistry
Christof MeileBiogeochemical Modeling
Rick PetersonGroundwater Hydrology
John SchallesRemote Sensing
Brian SillimanCommunity Ecology, Intertidal Ecology
Victor ThompsonAnthropology
Rich VisoGeology and Geophysics
Affiliated Investigators
Christine AngeliniCommunity Ecology
Dale BishopInvertebrate Ecology
Melissa BoothMicrobial Ecology
Nik HeynenPolitical Ecology
Christine HladikRemote Sensing and Landscape Ecology
Zoe HughesCoastal Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport
Bill MillerPhotochemistry
Deepak MishraRemote Sensing
Mary Ann MoranBacterial Diversity, Ecology
Christina RichardsPlant Ecology and Genetics
Joe Schubauer-BeriganMicrobial Biogeochemistry and Ecology
John WaresBiodiversity, Biogeography, Conservation
Martin ZimmerEvolutionary Ecophysiology
Project Staff
Stephanie BuhlerResearch Technician (Silliman)
LeeAnn DeLeoTechnician/Programmer (Alexander)
Jennifer DeshaSALTEx Research Technician
Hongyu GuoPost-doctoral Associate (Pennings)
Qiang HePost-doctoral Associate (Silliman)
Oliver HePost-doctoral Associate (Medeiros)
James KellyResearch Assistant (Di Iorio)
Ian MarkhamResearch Technician (Silliman)
Jefferey MarshallCCU Hydrographer
Tim MontgomerySapelo Field Technician
Jessica O'ConnellPost-doctoral Associate (Alber)
Shinobu OkanoCMWS Hydrographic Data Manager (CCU)
Janet ReimerPost-doctoral Associate (Cai)
Mike RobinsonGIS Specialist (Alexander)
Adam SappAssistant Information Manager
Sylvia SchaeferPost-doctoral Associate (Hollibaugh)
Jacob ShalackSapelo Field Research Coordinator
Joan SheldonResearch Professional (Alber)
Dontrece SmithSALTEx Field Technician
Nicole SoomdatResearch Technician (Silliman)
John TurckPost-doctoral Associate (Thompson)
Claudia VenhermResearch Professional (Alexander)
Sarah WidneyLab Manager (Craft)
Kazik WieskiPost-doctoral Associate (Pennings)
Yeping YuanPost-doctoral Associate (Castelao)
Gengsheng ZhangPost-doctoral Associate (Leclerc)
Graduate Students
Meg Badcock-AdamsMedeiros M.S. Student
Nate BarnettCraft M.S. Student
Sinead CrottyAngelini M.S. Student
Henrique DuarteLeclerc Ph.D. Student
Alyssa GehmanByers Ph.D. Student
Stephen GonskiCai M.S. Student
Liz GuinesseyKing/Mishra Ph.D. Student
Daniel HarrisByers M.S. Student
Andrew HowardGarbey Ph.D. Student
Yeajin JungBurd Ph.D. Student
Matthew KestnerViso M.S. Student
John LedouxMeile M.S. Student
Fan LiPennings Ph.D. Student
Shanze LiPennings Ph.D. Student
Wei-Ting LinPennings Ph.D. Student
Qian LiuHollibaugh Ph.D. Student
Charles McKnightDi Iorio Ph.D. Student
Natalie McLenaghanAlber M.S. Student
David MikleshMeile M.S. Student
Joe MortonSilliman Ph.D. Student
Hafsah NahrawiLeclerc Ph.D. Student
John O'DonnellSchalles M.S. Student
Trevor RichardsDi Iorio M.S. Student
Brandon RitchisonThompson Ph.D. Student
Liz SchrackSilliman Ph.D. Student
Sean SharpAngelini Ph.D. Student
Elena SolohinCraft Ph.D. Student
Jasmine van ExelLeclerc M.S. Student
Huy VuPennings Ph.D. Student
Yuntao WangCastelao Ph.D. Student
Rachel WangHopkinson Ph.D. Student
Stacy ZhangSilliman Ph.D. Student
Venetia ButlerSchoolyard LTER Coordinator
Janice FloryGCRC Program Coordinator (GCRC)
Aimee GaddisSINERR Stewardship Coordinator (SINERR)
Rachel GuySINERR Research Coordinator (SINERR)
Patrick HaganSINERR Water Quality Technician (SINERR)
Ellen HerbertSALTEx Collaborator (VIMS)
Jason JohnsonFacilities Manager (UGAMI)
John MartonSALTEx Collaborator
Margaret MyszewskiGCRC Program Coordinator (GCRC)
Maryam PayneUGAMI Administrative Associate
Mary PriceEnvironmental Safety Coordinator (UGAMI)
Doug SamsonSINERR Reserve Manager (SINERR)
Jack SandowAltamaha Water Quality Consultant
Gracie TownsendUGA Marine Institute Liaison (UGAMI)
Suzanne Van ParrerenSINERR CTP Coordinator (SINERR)
Alicia WilsonGroundwater Hydrology (USC)

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