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Links to Home Institutions of GCE Investigators

University of Georgia  The University of Georgia  UGA Department of Marine Sciences  UGA Department of Marine Sciences  
UGA Marine Institute  University of Georgia Marine Institute   Skidaway Institute of Oceanography  Skidaway Institute of Oceanography  
University of Houston  University of Houston   Indiana University Bloomington  Indiana University at Bloomington  
Indiana University Bloomington  University of Florida   Indiana University Bloomington  University of South Carolina  
Ohio State University  Ohio State University    Indiana University Bloomington  Creighton University   

Program and Agency Links

National Science Foundation  National Science Foundation  Long Term Ecological Reserach Network  Long Term Ecological Research Network 

Affiliated Research Programs and Organizations

Georgia Coastal Research Council  Georgia Coastal Research Council 
SINERR  Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve 
Georgia Rivers LMER Project   Georgia Rivers Land-Margin Ecosystem Research Project 

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